Thursday, April 15, 2010

NSR 24Hour World Endurance Race!

From Giacomo of

The event will be broadcast live on from Friday afternoon until Sunday, through selectable webcams, directly from the home page.

A great effort which will, for the first time ever, a live broadcast of a Slot Race on a web portal. Nothing professional, certainly, but a new way to follow the race from home step by step.

The web cam will not be only steady. A mobile cam will show you how are going practice sessions, technical testing, the box, the components of the various teams, hear their impressions and all it will happen.

As in all Reality, can not miss the "confessional" like in Big Brother. At any time drivers or attendants, may enter in it and tell how its going the Race, greet friends at home or vent in direct criticism or praise.

Throughout the event, there will be continual updates on standings and other information about the race.

I really hope that you like the idea and actively participating in the show. This "Slot Reality Show" will be followed worldwide.

Tracks (click to view large version):

The race field is formed by 4 (four) 8 lanes Ninco Tracks. The first will run clockwise, the third counterclockwise; the second and the fourth will mirror the first and the third, but with reversed directions.

Practically, a 32-lane track, all different.

The teams entered:

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Dave said...

Just noticed, a little heavy on the Italian teams aren't they? No matter, nsr still makes a great product.