Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Super Tires 100 at Goodspeed Raceway

28 November 2015

Goodspeed and the West Michigan Scale Slot Car Racing Group hosted a pair of hard hitting, two fisted competitive show downs Saturday; the Super Tires 100 for Grand National Monogram cars sponsored by Super Tires and a Brights in the Night LMP1 race under the lights.  

The races attracted four racers from Chicago as well as a strong contingent of the regulars.  Racers competing included; M. G. Brown, Jack Dastoli, John Hansen, Harlan Jones, John Lacko, Denny Moscatelli, Kurt Nank, Tom Ryfiak, Craig Salisbury, Ken Swanson, Mark Welch and Kevin Yonkers.

The Super Tires 100 consisted of 5 minute heats to insure the top cars completed 100 laps.  The race was limited to only the Monogram NASCARS in the class.  Nick of Super Tires provided their 1700 tires for every entrant and the podium finishers won their choice of six pair of Super Tires.

The LMP1 race was an enduro with 12 minute heats that tested both man and machine.  The only eligible cars were Scalextric LMP1 cars with both head and tail lights.  Back up cars were pressed into action by John L. and Ken due to mechanical issues during the extended LMP1 race.

Due to a cold track, no new track records were set.

Super Tires 100 Grand National third, second and first place finishers.

Class 9 Grand National Stock Cars (NASCAR 1960-1968)
THE SUPER TIRES 100  150 gram magnet limit   Laps Per Lane 1 2 3 4

1. John L., 101 laps, Plymouth #43, 110 g. weight, 148 g. magnet, Super Tires 25 26 26 24
2. John H., 101 laps, Fairlane #29, 105 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 24 27 25 25
3. Harlan, 97 laps, Fairlane #34, 91 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 25 23 26 23
4. Jack, 97 laps, Dodge #38, 108 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 24 25 25 23
5. Kevin, 92 laps, Fairlane #115, 101 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 23 22 25 22
6. Denny, 92 laps, Charger #6, 118 g. weight, 130 g. magnet, Super Tires 23 25 21 23
7. Ken, 92 laps, Plymouth #43, 111 g. weight, 142 g. magnet, Super Tires 25 24 22 21
8. Craig, 90 laps, Charger #9, 103 g. weight, 139 g. magnet, Super Tires 23 23 23 21
9. Kurt, 80 laps, Galaxie #121, 135 g. weight, 140 g. magnet, Super Tires 20 20 20 20
10. M. G., 79 laps, Plymouth #43, 99 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 18 20 21 20
11. Tom, 78 laps, Galaxie #21, 116 g. weight, 150 g. magnet, Super Tires 20 21 15 22

Fastest Times Per Lane
#1 Harlan 10.949, Ken 11.040, Kevin 11.334, John H. 11.430, John L. 11.606, Jack 11.631, Craig 11.948, Kurt 12.088, Denny 12.111, Tom 12.280, M. G. 13.444
#2 John H. 10.677, Harlan 10.719, John L. 10.913, Ken 11.201, Kevin 11.248, Jack 11.504, Craig 11.578, Kurt 11.780, Denny 11.959, Tom 12.348, M. G. 12.348
#3 Harlan 10.622, John H. 10.916, John L. 11.008, Ken 11.136, Kevin 11.310, Denny 11.556, Jack 11.658, Craig 11.775, Tom 11.811, Kurt 11.924, M. G. 13.798
#4 John H. 11.642, Kevin 11.718, John L. 11.748, Jack 11.868, Harlan 11.886, Ken 11.954, Denny 12.052, M. G. 12.239, Kurt 12.248,  Craig 12.794, Tom 13.162

Photos by John Lacko

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bass Pro Shops Holiday 2015 NASCAR Slot Car Set Now Available.

Bass Pro Shops has continued their tradition of offering a 1:32 ready to run slot car racing set in 2015. This year's set is manufactured by Carrera and features the NASCAR "Gen 6" racing cars of Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick.

The following photos taken in the area around the demonstration racing set in the "Santa's Workshop" area of the Bass Pro Shop store in Gurnee Mills, Gurnee, IL. These photos were taken before the Christmas display area was opened to the public.


This is the description of the above set from the Bass Pro Shops website:

Enjoy the thrill of the race with this Bass Pro Shops® Carrera® NASCAR® 1:32 Slot Car Set. With its 3 molded high-bank curves and 2 crossing sections, this high-speed track pits 3-time Sprint Cup champ Tony Stewart in the #14 Bass Pro Shops car against defending Sprint Cup champ Kevin Harvick in the #4 Jimmy John's car. This Bass Pro Shops Carrera NASCAR Slot Car Set is easy to set up, and includes a #14 Tony Stewart Impala, a #4 Kevin Harvick Impala, 9 standard straights, 1 connecting section, 12 curves, 2 lane change sections, 2 mechanical speed controllers, 1 transformer, and guardrails. Track Length: 24.7'. Layout: 8.53' triangle. Ages 3 and up. Imported.

- 3 molded high-band curves
- 2 crossing sections
- Easy to set up
- Includes #14 Tony Stewart and #4 Kevin Harvick cars
- Ages 3 and up
- Makes a great gift

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Friday, August 14, 2015

New Stamped Steel 1/24 Chassis from Mossetti Racing

Here we see the first blanks of the new Mossetti Racing stamped steel chassis, these are the pieces ready for forming. 

There will ultimately be four versions of this chassis:

Patriot Sport - this chassis will be available in two versions. Just bolt in your favorite FK motor; either the full metal can version or the ProSlot version. No soldering is required. The chassis sets up perfectly for 8:28 Gear Ratio (48 Pitch). 

This could become the new standard for entry level racing - as the unique design eliminates the tedious task of soldering in the motor by the beginning racer or raceway owner.

Patriot Striker - Two piece Chassis - C can solder in version. Motor brace not shown.

Patriot Trio - Three piece Chassis - C can solder in version. Motor brace not shown.

The chassis material is 410 Stainless (1mm Thick) and weighs 1.3 grams lighter than JK. The chassis is hardened to over 40 Rockwell (JK is softer). All chassis will be nickel plated for ease of soldering.

The pin tube locations and rear axle position will be identical to the JK to make swapping out bodies simple.

More technical and ordering information will be posted as soon as it is available. 

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Friday, August 07, 2015

Carrera Joins in the Anniversary Celebration for National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY

Carrera of America will be at the 21st Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky September 3-5, 2015 and will display the upcoming Carrera Corvette Race set. 

The new Corvette Race set will be shown and you can race on the track during the 3 day Anniversary event! 

There will be giveaways of Carrera hats and stickers and other gifts... and the Museum Gift Shop will be taking pre-orders on this set during the event. 

Check the National Corvette Museum website for directions. The Covette museum anniversary event will be open the 3rd-5th September from 8am-5pm daily. 

Carrera of America also plans to attend the annual April event at the National Corvette Museum and NCM Motorsports Park.

Sample Corvette C7.R slot cars are planned to be on display, but will be subject to availability.

Information and photos provided by Carrera of America.

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