Thursday, February 23, 2017

Long Awaited Scalextric Penske Javelin Trans-Am (finally) Breaks Cover!!

After being delayed for so long that some enthusiasts felt it might have been canceled, the first decoration of the long awaited Javelin Trans-Am, the Penske / Donohue / Sunoco version, should be hitting dealers shelves in North America as you read this.

Samples of the two other Javelins to come in 2017 were shown at a European toy show in January.

All of the versions currently announced by Scalextric are:

C3731 #6   Penske Racing / Mark Donohue
C3875 #1   Roy Woods Racing / George Follmer
C3776 #63 Jockos Racing / Bill Collins

As soon as photos of the chassis and running gear are available we will publish them here. The chassis is expected to be Scalextric's latest generation DPR chassis with inline motor and gearing.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 USRA Division 2 National Championships

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Pioneer Plans New Addition to the "Dukes of Hazzard" line in 2017

This is a pre-production prototype of Rosco's patrol car that Pioneer Slot Cars plans to release in 2017. 

It will be a 1/32 scale slot car and fit in quite nicely with their Dukes of Hazzard Chargers.  

As any Dukes fan will tell you, Rosco's patrol car is the perfect companion to Pioneer's General Lee.  

The Patrol Car will come complete with a figure of Rosco P. Coltrane behind the wheel...

And ol' Velvet Ears herself, Flash riding shotgun.  No release date has been announced for this car other than "planned for 2017".  

Information as we receive it from Pioneer will be posted here.

Photos courtesy of Pioneer Slot Cars.

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Friday, December 02, 2016

Long time Slot Car Enthusiast and Wife Purchase ProSlot Ltd.

Dec 1, 2016
Lowell, MI – Another West Michigan husband and wife will continue the path of the longtime owners of the niche manufacturer ProSlot, Ltd. John and Angela Miller of Hartford, purchased the 44 year old company from Dan and Cheryl DeBella of Lowell after the ProSlot founders decided to retire.
“I’ve been a slot car fan and enthusiast for most of my life,” said John Miller. “Turning my hobby into a profession for me and my wife is a dream come true.”
Miller said they are committed to maintaining the same principals and high quality manufacturing practices that have contributed to ProSlot’s strong success over the years. To help ease the ownership transition, the Millers retained 24 year employees Joe and Roger Chiechi, who have played an integral role in the manufacturing process at the company. In addition, the DeBellas will mentor the Millers throughout the transition period. 
“We are pleased that ProSlot will be in great hands,” says company owner Dan DeBella, “It is comforting knowing our business will continue to be run by people as enthusiastic about slot cars as Cheryl and I.”
“We want to assure our distributors that ProSlot products will have the same superior quality they have come to expect,” says John Miller, “We are doing everything we can to make the transition in ownership as smooth as possible.”
ProSlot Ltd. is currently located in Lowell, MI but will soon relocate operations to Hartford, MI. 
ProSLot Ltd. manufactures slot car parts, including armatures, chassis and motor parts for slot car markets in the U.S. and around the world. There are three employees besides the new owners.

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