Friday, March 06, 2015

New Book Available Now On Slot Car History

A new 798 page English text book on the history of Slot Cars, with particular focus on the 1960's is now available from Oliver Brandt and Slotcarbooks publishing.

The book contains:
  • History of the manufacturers
  • Photos of the vast majority of commercially available cars, boxes, kits and chassis produced in the United States, Japan, Germany, England and Italy
  • Advertisement and rare catalog pages
  • Vintage track tests of the most famous cars in that era
  • Comprehensive listings of cars and bodies produced in the sixties
  • Overview of magazines and books from that era
  • Dealer displays, dynamometers, commercial race tracks and much, much more

For more information or to place an order: Slotcarbooks Website

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quick Slicks Now Offers 19 New Tires

Quick Slicks has expanded their line-up of high-performance 1:32 and 1:24 silicone slot car tires to include 19 new tires. This brings the total number of Quick Slicks available to almost 50 with more planned in the near future. Whereas the initial release of Quick Slicks focused on tires for popular aftermarket "set screw" aluminum wheels (e.g. C.B. Design,, NSR), the newly released Quick Slicks are specifically designed to fit stock wheels on a variety of popular slot car manufacturers including Carrera, FLY, Ninco and Scalextric. For a complete listing of Quick Slicks including the cars/wheels they they fit, please download the Quick Slicks Fitment Summary.

If you are a retail hobby store or commercial raceway and would like to offer Quick Slicks to your customers, please contact us.  We offer an attractive Authorized Dealer Program including professional packaging. Please note that Quick Slicks will not undersell our Authorized Dealers.

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Monday, March 02, 2015

New Mossetti Retro Chassis Kit/RTR

HEI and RPM Race Cars is proud to Announce the release of this new 1/24 Retro Can Am Brass/Steel Chassis Kit

.040" Hardened Brass throughout. No soft "butter brass" here.
EDM cut parts. No machined, stamped parts. EDM parts are flatter, stress free and precision fitting every time.
Pinned Steel Guide Tongue with spacer. Pinned for precision fit and alignment. No need for a guide reinforcement. Less weight and less time building.

Available with 3/4" wide or 1' wide motor brackets in .040" thickness.

Kit includes: Nose, Guide Tongue, spacer, bat pans and rear motor bracket. 
Retail Price 60.00 each. RTR Chassis will be available for 145.00 ea retail.
Available only through HEI/RPM
Designed by Ernie Mossetti, Legendary Designer and Builder of 1/24 and 1/32 Euro Sport Chassis, 1/32 F1 Chassis, 1/24 Wing Car Chassis, 1/24 Production Chassis and 1/32 Homeset Cars and Chassis.

  • Total kit weight is 45.2 with regular Motor Bracket
  • Retail is $60.00 U.S.
  • Nose Piece- Vertical Uprights to mount axle are 2.08” Overall width apart. Adjustable axle position 14.5 grams
  • Pans (2) 22.2 grams
  • Guide tongue and spacer 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Regular – Max overall width is .762” 3 grams
  • Motor Bracket Wide – Max overall width is 1.360” 4 grams
  • Weight insert under Rear Axle 2.5 grams
  • Guide Tongue is .035” Spring Steel Laser cut
  • Tongue and spacer “Pin” into Nose Piece with .032” Brass rod
  • Bearing/Bushing fit directly into Motor Bracket - .188” Size hole
  • Brass is Precision Formed in Fixtures
  • Motor Brackets allow Optional position (Oval hole) adjustment – Highest position is in line with Axle, lowest position is flush with chassis bottom - .050” Movement
  • Axle centerlines of Motor Brackets is .354” Above the deck (.710” Jig wheel) - .810” Tires gives .050” Clearance

 More information and ordering:

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Quick Slicks Announces New Compound

Quick Slicks is expanding their high-performance silicone tire line-up with a second compound.  Initially introduced in a soft compound, Quick Slicks are now available in an "Extra-Firm" compound.  By offering multiple compounds, Quick Slicks will give racers more options when selecting a tire compound to match their racing surface, track layout, chassis setup, race strategy and driving style.  The new Quick Slicks compound has undergone extensive development and testing in conjunction with several 1/32 slot car world and national champions and world record holders.  Additional compounds are planned for the future.

If you are a retail hobby store or raceway and would like to carry Quick Slicks, we offer an attractive Authorized Dealer program.  Please note we will not undersell our Dealers.  Contact us at QuickSlicks2014[at] (replace the "[at]" with "@") for more information.

Quick Slicks Features

  • Made in U.S.A. using high-precision CNC machined molds.
  • Currently available in two (2) state-of-the-art silicone compounds – “Soft” and “Extra-Firm”.
  • Available to fit many popular 1:32 Euro-Style aluminum and magnesium “set screw” wheels from a wide variety of manufacturers including C.B. Design, NSR, and Sloting+.   Initially Quick SlicksTM are available in 27 sizes with more planned for the near future.
  • Quick SlicksTM provide excellent grip on all racing surfaces – plastic or wood (painted).  The cleaner the racing surface, the better the grip.
  • Slip-on or Glue/true – the choice is yours.  If you’re a casual racer, gluing is not required - you can simply slip-on a pair of Quick SlicksTM and start racing.  If you are a more serious racer and prefer to “glue and true” your tires for maximum performance, Quick SlicksTM work very well with a silicone adhesive such as Permatex Ultra Black.
  • If you do decide to go the (optional) glue/true route, the Quick Slicks “Soft” compound requires less effort to do so than other silicone tires.  Same goes for (optionally) adjusting the profile where the sidewall and contact patch meet.
  • Rounded outer sidewalls on all Quick SlicksTM give them a realistic appearance like real tires.  The rounded outer sidewalls appear realistic regardless of a given tire’s outer diameter (o.d.) – no unrealistic, bulging sidewalls.
  • Quick SlicksTM designed for a specific wheel are the same width regardless of outer diameter – an important consideration when rules require tires to fit under the car body and you want to experiment with different tire diameters.
  • Quick SlicksTM are affordable.  In fact, they typically cost $1.00 - $2.00 per pair less than other 1:32 silicone tires (our 1:24 tires are up to $4.00 per pair less).  This is often an important consideration whether you race alone or participate in club/organized racing.
  • We offer an exclusive Quick SlicksTM Tire Selector to assist you to identify which Quick SlicksTM fit a given manufacturer/model wheel.  Still not sure which Quick SlicksTM you need for a particular application?  Give us a call (or drop us an email) and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Chase-cars News: New Narrow Chassis

In case you didn’t know, chase-cars has been making a chassis for the last 4 years with steering and suspension, because sometimes realism is more fun than outright speed.
Together with a range of bodyshells from 1970s America, it’s everything you need to recapture the golden age of car chases from the movies, just add your own tyre squeals!
The chassis fits under a range of barge-like bodyshells, but if you want to build a 1960s European rally car you can now choose a chassis which is narrower.

Their new chassis measures just 27mm across the front hubs, so with a typical 7mm wide wheel you can fit it under a 42mm wide body shell.  The chassis pictured above is for a VW Beetle which is 45mm wide, so it uses 7mm wheels with an inner hub.
The wheelbase is adjustable from 103mm right down to 66mm so most saloon cars can now corner with more realism.

Want to see it in action?  Check out this YouTube clip: 
Just as with the other chase-cars chassis it’s available in 3 levels of build:
Chassis Kit 1 includes all the custom parts you need, the plastic chassis components, stainless steel linkages, alloy front stub axles, coil springs and all fasteners.  You need to add your own S-Can motor, 3/32” rear axle, guide, bearings, wheels and tyres.  It’s £25 plus postage.
Chassis Kit 2 includes everything you need to build the car yourself right down to low-resistance silicone motor wire.  It’s £64 plus postage.
Chassis Kit 3 is fully assembled and ready to go, just e-mail the wheelbase length you need and it’ll be shipped ready to fit.  It’s £80 plus postage.

For more details, full assembly instructions or to place an order head over to

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