Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New MB Slot motor - DODO 23k

Art. 08003 Motor "DODO"
23000 rpm 12 volt High magnetic power

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12 Hours Shelby - race report in Portuguese

Luis Carlos Cardoso from Shelby Modelismo in Brazil has sent this race report from a 12 hour race they had in March. Even if you can't read Portuguese the photos are nice of the cars, eh?

Thanks to Bill for pointing out that Brazilians are Portuguese speaking folk! My mistake.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Boss Bodies Vega

Well, what can you about a Vega?!? Well, you just can't go wrong at $5.00 a body! Well Steve from Boss Bodies has the car for you then at this link.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

SCX Volvo S60R - newsletter

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Ranch Design Willys and Nova

New 1/43 resin bodies to show today. A '41 Willys and a '67 Nova. Both available through Ranch Design.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Scalextric Ferrari - Kimi

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Friday, April 25, 2008

SCX Launches "SCX Worldwide"

Tecnitoys Juguetes SA of Barcelona, Spain launches new website called SCXWorldWide (

SCXWorldWide is a new online venue for both enthusiasts of scale model racing as well as individuals of all types who are interested in product information and technical support regarding SCX-branded slot car products. This site is meant to be an international site, and while most text is in English, we welcome contributions to the website in other languages, as well as members from around the world.

As SCX´s business worldwide has grown over the past few years, it became obvious that we needed a more direct method of communication with our end customers and members of the various distribution channels. SCXWorldWide is now that medium.

At, visitors may register for free to access most areas of the website, or they may upgrade their membership to the SCX Club for $35 US Dollars and receive an exclusive Club Car (a black Porsche 911 in 2008), as well as regular updates about SCX products and events of interest in the slot car sector.

Retail Dealers may register and make their store information available for visitors, so that people searching for scale model racing products can find sources in their local communities or online. Dealers will also have special access to information that may help their business, including information directly from SCX about product availability in their markets.

In addition to a complete presentation of the SCX portfolio of products, members may participate in discussion threads about topics relevant to slot car racing, access both technical support information and professionals to answer questions, as well as obtain product reviews of SCX products or new releases from the many other manufacturers in the scale model racing industry.

It is SCX´s hope that visitors to the site will have fun while visiting, and that their experience at will enhance their level of entertainment when racing wherever they meet with friends or family to enjoy scale model racing.

Publishers note:
SCX Worldwide is a site I have been helping SCX develop and I'm an administrator on the site.

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Slot MiniAuto No.43



La revista Slot MiniAuto del mes de Mayo, dedica su portada al nuevo Ferrari F40 GT E de Fly. También se destaca en la cubierta, la prueba del nuevo Quad de Power Slot y el Seat 131 Abarth de Scalextric.
Este número incluye además las pruebas en pista del nuevo Citroën C4 WRC de Ninco, Ford Mustang FR500 C de Superslot, el CD Panhard de Le Mans Miniatures, una toma de contacto del nuevo Audi R8C de, así como la preparación extrema del Pescarolo de Avant Slot.
Se publica en exclusiva, una entrevista con Scalextric donde se desvelan algunos de los secretos del nuevo Mitsubishi Pajero TT Vintage.
Además, en este número se incluye gratuitamente, un especial Ferrari de 32 páginas.



Slot MiniAuto magazine edition of May, dedicate its cover to the new Fly Ferrari F40 GT E. Also highlighted on the cover, the new Power Slot Quad and the Fiat/Seat 131 Abarth of SCX.
This number also includes track test of the new Citroën C4 WRC of Ninco, Ford Mustang FR500 C Scalextric, CD Panhard Le Mans Miniatures, and a first track test of the new Audi R8C of, as well as an extreme preparation of Avant Slot’s Pescarolo.
It is published exclusively an interview with SCX where they reveal some of the secrets of the new Mitsubishi Pajero Vintage TT.
Moreover, a 32 pages Special Ferrari is included, free of charge, in this number.



La edizione di maggio da Slot MiniAuto, dedica la sua copertina a la nuova Ferrari F40 GT E di Fly. Inoltre evidenziato sulla copertina, il nuovo Quad di Power Slot e la Fiat / Seat 131 Abarth di SCX.
Questo numero comprende anche prova in pista della nuova Citroën C4 WRC di Ninco, Ford Mustang FR500 C Scalextric, CD Panhard Le Mans Miniatures, e una prima prova di pista della nuova Audi R8C di, oltre a una preparazione estrema della Pescarolo di Avant Slot.
Esso è pubblicato esclusivamente un colloquio con SCX dove si rivelano alcuni dei segreti della nuova Mitsubishi Pajero TT Vintage.
Inoltre, un Speciali Ferrari di 32 pagine è incluso, a titolo gratuito, in questo numero.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slot Car Art by Bob C. Hardin - a website of note

While I was looking around the internet the other day I found this site, Slot Car Art by Bob C. Hardin. He's got a great selection of funny cartoons (or are they slot-toons) on his site to look at and for sale in various forms. You should check them out!

Bob has graciously allowed me to use a few of his cartoons here.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AutoArt April/May releases

Estimated product availability - May 2008

80788 1/18 PORSCHE 911(997) GT3 RSR ALMS 2007 FLYING LIZARD #44
80498 1/18 HONDA NSX JGTC 2004 TAKATA DOME #18
80645 1/18 BMW M3 GTR3 INTERLAGOS 2005 RED BULL #11
80774 1/18 PORSCHE RS SPYDER ALMS 2007"DHL"#6
80473 1/18 PORSCHE 911(996) GT3 RSR MONZA 2004 "RED BULL" #52
80586 1/18 PORSCHE 996 GT3 SUPER TAIKYU 2005 #1
80587 1/18 PORSCHE 996 GT3 SUPER TAIKYU 2005 #25



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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desert Slot Pegaso Troner Team Benelux - only 250!

The series of the Pegaso Troner Team Benelux this limited and numbered to 250 units, list to roll and presented/displayed in rigid plastic box transparency.

Characteristic chassis:
Metallic chassis.
Reducing transmission by 4x4.
long Gui'a of fiber glass.
Suspension by shock absorbers.
Motor of open box type SCX.
Calibrated axes.
Aluminum rims.
Tires of truck.

Characteristics body:
Reinforced resin body.
White metal accessories.
Painting and varnish of automotion of high resistance.


The price of this reference is of 350.
The expenses of manipulation and shipment will be on behalf of the buyer.

Orders a:

A greeting
Desert Slot
La serie del Pegaso Troner Team Benelux esta limitada y numerada a 250 unidades, lista para rodar y presentada en caja de plástico rígido transparente.

Características chasis:
Chasis metálico.
Transmisión por reductora 4x4.
Guía larga de fibra de vidrio.
Suspensión por amortiguadores.
Motor de caja abierta tipo SCX.
Ejes calibrados.
Llantas de aluminio.
Neumáticos de camión.

Características carrocería:
Carrocería reforzada de resina.
Accesorios en metal blanco.
Calcas al agua de gran calidad.
Pintura y barniz de automoción de alta resistencia.


El precio de esta referencia es de 350 €.

Los gastos de manipulación y envío serán por cuenta del comprador.

Pedidos a:
Un saludo
Desert Slot

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IMSA History Forum launched

So you say you yearn to relive the glory years of IMSA's Camel GT racing? Well now you have a forum to discuss those golden years of racing in the US.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Slowing Down To Go Faster - BWA FF050 Motor Review

When I first got into the hobbysport of slot car racing four years ago, I'd do anything and everything to wring more speed out of my cars. I'd try fitting all manner of aftermarket parts: tires, axles, wheels, motors, traction magnets - you name it. Once I saw the light and started pulling all of the traction magnets out of my cars I had to relearn and rethink my approach to tuning. The most valuable lessons I’ve learned in tuning non-magnet cars has been from guys who’ve been having fun with the hobby for decades. One such group of guys that I race with West of my home base in Toronto has taught me tons about setting up non-magnet cars. They will probably forget more about the hobby than I’ll ever learn: Chris Walker, Marek Placheki (aka Ferrari1950 on the slot ‘boards), and Al Penrose (aka BWAminispeed).

I was invited to join these guys racing low powered cars that initially spanned three general classes: classic GT, front engine GP, and our premiere class of mid-engine GP. The thing that all these classes have in common is the choice of motor. We pitched the original hot power plants that came with the Scalextric and other GP cars we race and replaced them with NINCO NC1 or equivalent motors. One such equivalent is BWA’s BWMS050 FF050 size motor. Basically it is the same size as the Scalextric GP motors, with a 14.35mm long 1.5mm diameter shaft. It is a drop in fit for the newer MRRC/Rev/Mon chassis. For the Scalextric GP cars, you need to trim the shaft a bit. Power and torque rating is virtually identical to an NC1, and, on track performance is very close too.

My own testing on Mini Grid's 22m Scalextric Sport Maxport II track yielded some very interesting results. I took a stock Scalextric Ferrari Sharknose, removed the traction magnet, trued the tires, glued in a few grams of lead and took it for a spin. My best lap time with the stock powered car was 14.047s. I then Swapped out the stock Scalextric motor for one of Al’s BWA motors. This involved shortening the motor shaft and and using a Slot Car Heroes 1.5mm bore 9T pinion to preserve the stock gear ratio. This simple mod dropped the car’s lap time to 11.494s. That’s right: a slower motor got this car around the Mini Grid test track over 2.5s faster! How can this be? Well, I’d attribute it to less wheel spin both in the corners and on the straights making the car just that much more drivable everywhere on the track. The best part of this mod – well, the second best part (the best part being the reduced lap time!) is the price: CDN$4 is the selling price for this mild-mannered BWA motor. Beats the US$16+ that NINCO NC1 or NC8 motors sell for! With any luck we’ll soon see an FF030 (S-Can) motor with similar performance and pricing from Mr. Penrose. I know I’ll be remotoring my classic GTs with this mill just as soon as Al has them available. If you’d like to purchase one of these motors for yourself, check out the BWA web store at Have a look at Al’s wide assortment of aluminium wheels and resin inserts while you’re there.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Modified Pinto?

At this link on Home Racing World you can read Kevin Schofield's article about making a Modified Pinto circletrack racer.

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New Scalextric Ferrari 375

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Boss Bodies 69 Charger

Yes Steve from Smith Scale Speedway has another new body to show today! A 1969 Charger is now available at this link.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

New Scalextric Club Car

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New Scalextric Ferrari

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