Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Phoenix - New FK Motor from Mid-America

"The Phoenix" is a new FK-sized motor for retro, flexi and other slot car racing applications.

Before being offered for sale- it was torture tested running 4000+ laps wide open in a wing car on a 155' King Track. That's over 117 actual miles.

Available Now - Exclusively From:

Mid-America Raceway And Hobbies
1223 East Ogden Ave 
Suite 139
Naperville, Illinois 
(630) 484-8574

Saturday, June 16, 2018

New Products from B&E Slotsport

B&E slotsport announces the "Berdugo" chassis kit part #BE004, It is .042" plated spring steel (bottom). Can be built 4.25 to 4.75 wheelbase. Designed with the chassis tuner in mind. Race proven design as used in the 2018 Mid-American Summer IROC series.


The new B&E "Silverback" chassis (top) can be built 4-3/8" to 4-5/8" wheelbase. Super brass .040 material with a Silver finish.

Both chassis shown are designed to work with .950"+ tire sizes, but can be built as desired.

Shop B&E Slotsport products from these commercial slot car raceways:

Bullet Raceway and Hobbies  
314 S. Main St. 
Woodruff, South Carolina

Mid-America Raceway Naperville 
1223 East Ogden Ave 
Suite 139
Naperville, IL 60563

Bent Wrench Raceway 
7104 Forest Hills Rd, 
Loves Park, IL 61111

More information at

Monday, May 07, 2018

2018 Sunset 240 Enduro

2018 Sunset 240 Enduro Results

Chicagoland Raceway
Westmont, IL
"Fiedler" flat track
May 5, 2018

1st Place Team - Richard Distefano / John Miller  2145 Laps, Best Lap Time 4.718" (Blue)

2nd Place Team - Dale Lipe / Jim Crider 2128, 4.760

3rd Place Team - Chuck Gambo / Kevin Wisnewski 2049, 4.670

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

USSCA 2017-2018 Season Race #4 - ProSlot Raceway

Race #4
ProSlot Raceway
Hartford, MI

Series director Bill Sebenik says that this was the best attended event of the current season based on total entries!

Indy Podium.jpg

Indy Finishers.jpg

JK Spec Indy:
Fastest Lap of the Race: Bill Sebenik 3.971
1. Bill Sebenik 213 laps
2. Scott Morgan 209 laps
3. Dennis Clark 207 laps

NASCAR Podium.jpg

NASCAR Finishers.jpg

Fastest lap of the Race: Scott Morgan 4.181
1. Mike Meachum 210 laps
2. Bill Sebenik 209 laps
3. Scott Morgan 207 laps

Can Am Podium.jpg

Can Am Finishers.jpg

Retro Can-Am:
Fastest Lap of the Race: Bill Sebenik 3.835
1. Dennis Clark 219 laps
2. Scott Morgan 218 laps
3. Mike Meachum 215 laps

Production Podium.jpg

Production Finishers.jpg

Production Finishers_B.jpg

Fastest Lap of the Race: Dennis Clark 3.680
1. Dennis Clark 236 laps
2. Scott Morgan 226 laps
3. Bill Sebenik 221 laps

Monday, March 19, 2018

Slot Cars and the Kalamazoo Connection

3/18/2018  “Slot Cars and the Kalamazoo Connection" lecture was presented by racing photographer and historian, John Lacko. 

This is a video taken after the lecture at the BRAND NEW Scalextric Sport 1/32 Red Barns Raceway (private track) that has been installed at the Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI. There is some commentary about 1/32 scale racing and how the track operates that should be of interest to anyone.


Monday, March 05, 2018

Ralph Thorne Racing introduces "The Titan" 1/24 NASCAR Body

Press release from RTR

Ralph Thorne Racing proudly present 'The Titan' and the 'The Titan COT', our first 1/24 Stock Car bodies that we are manufacturing in-house. 
The Titan COT

They feature a mixture of design elements of modern day stock cars, from NASCAR to Super Late Models. Our designs where CAD drawn, as always, with input from top engineers and racer's around the country. It has a unique front fender flares not seen on current slot car stock car style bodies and a recessed front wheel sticker location that makes the front wheels easy to align on both sides, and they appear to be tucked under the front fenders. The body will measure just under 3.250" wide. 

The Titan

Once again we've added a nice cut line to assist in body trimming and mounting. This body truly blends a modern and realistic race car appearance with superior race winning on track performance. The rear of the body creates big time downforce, allowing you to decrease your laps times and turn more laps, plain and simple. We noticed a huge difference on the outside lanes where all the other bodies just got loose, The Titan stayed hooked up.

Once again this is an original copyrighted design from Ralph Thorne Racing with all rights reserved. We don't back pour or copy any other manufacturers designs.
They are available in .005", .007" and .010" thick Lexan. Each body comes with a unique window mask and a pair of front wheel stickers. We've made the rear window mask three pieces for a better fit and finish around the rear window ribs.
Please note that we start from .005", .007" and 010" material, so it will be thinner on the sides. As always we strive for quality pulls with even side thickness. 
Retail price for .005" and .007" is $6.95 each plus shipping.
Retail price for .010" is $7.95 each plus shipping.
Raceway pricing is available and ERI already has these in stock.

RTR's Ford, Chevy and Toyota decal kits are a very nice upgrade at only $2.49 each.

If you purchase five or more bodies direct at full retail, a free, random decal kit will be included with your order as a thank-you!
Please note the bodies will only come in retail packaging when purchased by a raceway or if specifically requested on direct orders.

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Mid-West FNRS at ProSlot Raceway, Hartford, MI

Pro Slot Raceway in Hartford, Mi was host to Midwest FNRS Race # 2 on Jan 12, 2018. It was a snowy and cold Friday and Sat but the racing was HOT inside!!! 

A small turnout due to weather and other events in the area but still a fun time as John and Angie Miller, owners of Pro Slot and Pro Slot Raceway treated everyone like Kings. 

All racing was held on the 107' Hasse Paperclip track that was recently refurbed by Chris Dadds and is in tip top shape and very fast.

The Ultra Fast FNRS GTP cars were up first and Frank Ulbrik was the fastest in qualifying with a 2.880 lap with Ron Hershman a close 2nd quick @ 2.885.

FNRS GTP B Main...... Dave DeCoster, Matt Dube, Jeremy Wyant and the Boogieman lined up for action. Dave had some gear issues early on and got behind with Matt Dube having multiple gear spinning issues putting him out of contention early in the race. This left the battle down to Jeremy and Boogie as the two swapped the lead a couple of times until Jeremy went into the lead late in the race and to Winners Circle with 264 laps followed by Boogieman 260, Dave 235 and Matt 225.

FNRS GTP A Main..... Ron Hershman led the first three heats narrowly over Frank Ulbrik, JP Milcherska and Steve Peppler. Frank took the lead in the 4th heat and led through heat 7 when Ron worked his way back into the lead. Going into the final heat it was either Ron's race to lose or Frank's to win and Ron held off Frank to Win with 296 laps to Frank's 295 laps. Third was JP 286 and Steve 259.

FNRS GTP Overall Results:
Hershman 296 IN
Ulbrick 295 MI
Milcherska 286 IN
Wyant 264 MI
Boogie 260 MI
Peppler 259 IN
DeCoster 235 MI
Dube 225 MI

FNRS LMP was up next and it was Frank Ulbrik on the pole @ 3.292 and Steve Peppler 2nd quick 3.334.

Frank Ulbrik got out front early and checked out on his way to Winning and becoming the Michigan State FNRS LMP Champion. Steve Peppler was 2nd 259 followed by Boogieman 251+, Jeremy Wyant 251-, Dave Decoster 235 and Matt Dube 217.

FNRS Stock Car was the final class of the day. Frank Ulbrik made it a "sweep of the poles" by TQ-ing with a run of 3.210 and Ron Hershman was 2nd quick @ 3.248.

A Round Robin format race with Frank Ulbrik out front early on until gear "gremlins" ruined his chance at victory and Boogie had controller issues the first heat. 

Ron Hershman Wins with 281, followed by Dave DeCoster 254, Frank Ulbrik 252, Jeremy Wyant 242, Matt Dube 237 and Boogieman 234.

Congrats to the Michigan State FNRS Champions!!!

Frank Ulbrik GTP and LMP
Dave DeCoster Stock Car

Thanks to ALL of the racers that endured poor travel conditions and the bitter cold who attended. 

Thanks to John and Angie Miller of Pro Slot for hosting the race.

The Next FNRS Midwest Event will be the Indiana State Championships on Mar 3, 2018 @ At The Track Raceway in South Bend, In.

Thank you to Ron Hershman for contributing to this report.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Grand Opening Event at Slot Car Inc., Gobles, MI

Slot Car Inc.
215 South State Street (M-40)
Across from Klassic Arcade
Gobles, MI 49055

Gerding-built 135' Flat Track
(formerly at Keystone Raceway)

Scale ¼ Mile Drag Strip

It was a great opening day of drag racing January 27th, 2018 at Slot Car Inc. Gobles MI. 

This was the first organized slot car drag race held in southwestern Michigan in over 4 years.

There were a total of 146 paid entries. 82 cars in bracket and the rest were in the Index Classes. 

Next race date Sunday Feb 4th; gates open at 9am first round at 11 am. Bracket class, 990, 1090, 1190 index classes. 

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Monday, January 22, 2018

USSCA 2018 Season Race #1 - January 20, 2018 - Speedville, Bartonville, IL

 JK Spec Indy



Fast Lap of the Race:   Bill Sebenik  4.658

 1st: Toby Kindig
 2nd: Bill Sebenik
 3rd: Bruce Adamson



Fast Lap of the Race:  Toby Kindig  4.781

 1st: Toby Kindig
 2nd: Bill Sebenik
 3rd: Scott Morgan

Retro Can-Am


Fast Lap of the Race:  Toby Kindig  4.545

 1st:  Bill Sebenik
 2nd: Toby Kindig
 3rd:  Bruce Adamson

Production (4" Flexi GTS)


Fast Lap of the Race:  Toby Kindig  4.218

 1st: Toby Kindig
 2nd: Bill Sebenik
 3rd: Bruce Adamson

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Central Illinois Slot Series - Jan 13, 2018 @ Bloomington, IL

Hardbody and Retro Can-Am were run on the Monster, all other classes on the Hillclimb.


B&E  (L to R) - Dan Van Horn 2nd Place - Curt Vincent 1st Place - JR Scott 3rd Place

Pony Stock Amateur (L to R) - Randy Lynn 3rd Place - Mark Miller 1st Place - Jason Plumer 2nd Place 

Pony Stock Expert (L to R) - John Vincent 2nd Place - Ken Williams 1st Place - Brian Wahlig 3rd Place

DLM 4.5" (L to R) - Ken Williams 2nd Place - Toby Kindig 1st Place - Brian Wahlig 3rd Place

Retro CanAm (L to R) - Ken Williams 2nd Place- Curt Vincent 1st Place - Brian Wahlig 3rd Place

GTP (L to R) - Ken Williams 2nd Place - Toby Kindig 1st Place - Michael Iga 3rd Place

Next Race: Feb 10 2018 Race #4 - Speedville, Bartonville, IL

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

South Bend Indiana Tribune Visits RETRO Event at Thazer Raceway

Watch: Slot car racing at Thazer Raceway