Friday, July 10, 2020

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Upstate Speedway needs our help

Upstate Speedway needs our help. This is veteran-owned slot car racing and entertainment business. They have multiple tracks and a drag strip.

They have been working diligently to get the tracks ready to run but have encountered problems with wiring and lap counters. Unfortunately no local track building talent is available in their area.

Gary Gerding has offered to help them get their tracks "ship shape" so that they can open to the public and have races. The owner is asking the slot car racing community for donations to cover Gary's expenses. I am sure that Gary is giving them a deal since his estimate for services seems cheap.

Even though Upstate may not be "near" you, won't you please consider donating so we can have another world-class raceway open for business here in the U.S.A. ?

Please direct questions by messenger to the Upstate Raceway FB page.

I am starting off the project by donating $100 from Project X Slot Car Racing products.

Donate Here <--- a="">

Monday, June 15, 2020

Mid-America Products New WOMP Alloy Front Wheels

New Lightweight WOMP Fronts from Mid-America Products. Half the weight of current WOMP front wheels. Order yours at

Thursday, June 11, 2020

RTR Announces New Honda NSX ISRA Production Class Body

Ralph Thorne Racing announces the new Honda NSX based 1/24th Production body!

For this project we enlisted the help of World Champion racer James Cleave. The goal was to make an original and realistic looking body with lots of downforce while still meeting ISRA body specs. James did a spectacular job. The body tested very well on the track too! The NSX measures 3.250" wide and has a cut line. Made in the USA, and we ship worldwide!

Once again this is an original copyrighted design from Ralph Thorne Racing with all rights reserved. We don't back pour or copy any other manufacturers designs.

They are available in .005", .007" and .010" thick Lexan. Each body comes with a unique window mask and a pair of front wheel stickers.

Please note that we start from .005", .007" and 010" material, so it will be thinner on the sides. As always we strive for quality pulls with even side thickness.

Retail price for .005" and .007" is $6.95 each plus shipping.

Retail price for .010" is $7.95 each plus shipping.

Raceway pricing is available and ERI already has these in stock.

Please note the bodies will only come in retail packaging when purchased by a raceway or if specifically requested on direct orders.

Available here:

Friday, May 29, 2020

National Flexi Racing Series 2020 Championship Announced

2020 FNRS National Championship Race

Oct 3-4, 2020

Pit Pass Slot Car Raceway
Newport, TN


FNRS 4" Stock Car Handout PS-FK, Handout Tires and RTR Titan COT body only. Spec Pinion 11 T 64 pitch

FNRS 4.5 Stock Car Handout PS-FK, Handout Tires and OS Taurus OS-072SS body only. Spec Pinion 11 T 64 pitch

FNRS LMP Handout Phoenix Motor, Handout tires and RTR Orca body only. Spec Pinion 13 T 64 pitch

FNRS GTP Handout Phoenix Motor, Handout tires and OS B3 OS-363 body only. Spec Pinion 13 T 64 pitch

Entry Fee: 

40.00 per class One motor and 1 pair of Tires per Entry fee. Racers can use their motors in both classes the motor is allowed in. Handout Tires may be used in any of the 4 classes. Racers may buy one additional motor per class and one additional pair of handout tires at retail price. All motors to be marked engraved at time of handout. Tires will also be marked.


Sat Oct 3 GTP on King and 4" Stock Car on Oval
Sun Oct 4 LMP on King and 4.5" Stock Car on Oval

Friday, May 15, 2020

MSSRA 2020-2021 Racing Schedule

The MSSRA Announced this today:

Here's the plan for our 2020-2021 racing season. Barring any setbacks with Covid-19, we will start the next season in August.

This is going to be a fun year of racing!
New year! New racers! New tracks!

Turn and Burn Slot Car Raceway
Archdale Slot Car Speedway
Uncle Charlie's Slot Car Racing
Upstate Speedway
The Slot Car Track Concord
American Adrenaline Speedway
Pit Pass Slot Car Raceway and Dragstrip

Tell your friends and get them to the track!

We'll see you in Concord on May 30th to finish out the 2019-2020 season!

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Saturday, April 11, 2020

New Products from Minimax

Do you want to go for that concours look without all of that tedious masking and spraying?

Bulgarian company "Minimax" has introduced this set of Martini and Rossi self-stick decals for use with the JK Products Lola B12/80 1/24th slot car body.

The self-stick decals are printed on .09 mm material. 

Other Minimax stickers for the JK Products Lola B12/80 include Mazda Skyactiv, Gulf,, Lotus (Black and Gold), and Mazda LeMans win tribute.

Please check with your local raceway for more information.

Also Betta and Classics stock the Minimax line and can fill your requests by sending an e-mail to

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Item from RM Racing Products

A new product from RM Racing Products; Product number RM-1309 4" solder in weights for one side (oval racing or both sides for heavy pan). 

You can also stack them for more left side weight. 

The weights can be ordered with chassis as an option or separately. 

Order from: RM Racing Products or your local Raceway.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

USSCA 2020 Season Race 1 - Thazer Raceway

Race results from USSCA Race #1 
Thazer Raceway, South Bend, IN 
Saturday, February 15th, 2020

All races run on the "White Knight" hillclimb track.

4.5” Flexi NASCAR/Stock Car

Fastest Lap of the Race: Ron Hershman 5.073

1. Ron Hershman 174 laps
2. Terry Watson 169 laps
3. Bill Sebenik 165 laps
4. Nick Cina 161 laps
5. Dennis Clark 161 laps
6. Bill Ridley 160 laps
7. Ken Green 160 laps
8. Rick Stagen 159 laps
9. Dick Soule 157 laps
10. Mike Wenino 157 laps
11. Zach Woods 152 laps
12. Rick Abbott 151 laps
13. Brett McCoy 150 laps
14. Alex Livingston 144 laps
15. Billy McCoy 137 laps

JK Spec Indy

Fastest Lap of the Race: Ron Hershman 4.976

1. Ron Hershman 181 laps
2. Rick Stagen 179 laps
3. Nick Cina 174 laps
4. Terry Watson 172 laps
5. Dick Soule 172 laps
6. Mike Wenino 171 laps
7. Bill Sebenik 167 laps
8. Ken Green 167 laps
9. Carlos Casian 165 laps
10. Alex Livingston 164 laps
11. Bill Ridley 157 laps
12. Billy McCoy 153 laps
13. Rick Abbott 151 laps
14. Brett McCoy 75 laps
15. Dave Salomon 11 laps


Fastest Lap of the Race: Ron Hershman 4.341

1. Ron Hershman 199 laps
2. Steve Peppler 193 laps
3. Terry Watson 192 laps
4. Zach Woods 191 laps
5. Dennis Clark 190 laps
6. Ken Green 185 laps
7. Nick Cina 183 laps
8. Brett McCoy 178 laps
9. Alex Livingston 176 laps
10. Bill Sebenik 173 laps
11. Billy McCoy 161 laps
12. Rick Stagen 52 laps

Retro Can-Am

Fastest Lap of the Race: Ron Hershman 4.557

1. Ron Hershman 191 laps
2. Zach Woods 186 laps
3. Steve Peppler 181 laps
4. Terry Watson 179 laps
5. Rick Stagen 174 laps
6. Mike Wenino 171 laps
7. Bill Sebenik 162 laps

Check the website for the remaining races in the 2020 Schedule.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Betta & Classic New Body

New body release from BETTA.

1/32nd 2019 Aston Martin Vantage DTM.

£4.40ea Available in 0.005”, 0.007”, 0.010”, 0.020” clear Lexan.

To order email

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Caveman Bodeez New Product

Caveman Bodeez is happy to announce the 1977 Olds 442 stock car body for 1/32 Womps.

This body has been approved by the AWRA for the Stock Car Class.

Only clear .010" Lexan available at this time. Ready for ordering on the website.