Monday, August 23, 2010

New releases from Carrera arriving in North America soon

23748-Dig 124 Chevy Corvette
25171-EV Ferrari Racing
27332-EV Dodge Charger Daytona
27333-EV 41 Willys Silver
27334-EV 32 Ford "Fire Engine"
27335-EV Ferrari 599XX Geneva
27336-EV Ferrari 599XX Race
30147-DIG 132 Ferrari Competition-Set
30514-DIG 132 Audi LeMans Series
30517-DIG 132 Red Bull Formula 1 car
30522-DIG 132 Porsche 917/30 "Cam2"
30526-DIG 132 Plymouth Superbird
30528-DIG 132 Dodge Charger
30532-DIG 132 Ferrari 599XX " Geneva "
30533-DIG 132 Ferrari 599XX "Race"
30142-DIG 132 Pro GT-Set
30478-DIG 132 Nissan GT-R
30523-DIG 132 McLaren "Gulf Racing"
25165-EV Night Racers-Set
27297-EV Nissan GT-R "Motul"
27327-EV Porsche 917/30 "Sunoco"

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