Monday, February 18, 2013

Track Braiding Made Easier...

Slot Car Corner Introduces Pre-Taped Track Braid

A Slot Car Corner exclusive - we've just made braiding a slot car track even easier!!!  We now offer 500 foot spools of our high-quality 1/4" tinned copper braid pre-taped.  Our pre-taped braid is a real timesaver - depending on your track configuration, this can save you several hours of work (the more corners in your layout, the more time pre-taped braid will save you).  We start by removing any residue leftover from the braid manufacturing process - this ensures the best possible adhesion when the tape is applied.  Next we carefully apply almost 3 rolls of the special 2-sided tape we offer to each 500' spool of braid (we include the unused portion of the third roll in the event you might need it).  Using our pre-taped braid, once you have routed and painted your gains, you are ready to start braiding!!  For more information, please visit the Slot Car Corner website.

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