Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Parts from Samson Classics

Samson Classics retro wheels are now available in two widths and three diameters:

  • .240" wide for Can-Am and non-IRRA F1
  • .380" Wide for IRRA F1 and Retro Stock cars.
  • .625" diameter in the .240" width for Retro32 cars
  • .763" diameter in both widths for Can-Am and F1
  • .820" diameter in the .380 width for Retro Stock cars.

All parts are CNC-machined to the best tolerances in the industry. The wheels themselves are magnesium for low rotating mass, the wheel tubes and collars are from aluminum for strength and thread durability.

These wheels do not require soldered-on keepers, so there's never any acid flux or solder or Loctite near the bearings. The whole wheel and its two bearings is a module that is locked to the axle by a stainless steel setscrew:

Weight: The wide F1 wheels weigh 5.6 grams per pair, the narrow CanAm wheels are 4.8 grams per pair.

Width: The Can-Am wheels with their collars are .450" wide, the F1 wheels are .490" wide. The F1 wheel has a recess machined on both sides, more on the outside than the inside:

The Can-Am wheels are flat on the inside:

The rubber is extra-hard Wonder rubber. Retail price is $29.99 per pair, including bearings and setscrews, tires fully mounted and trued. If you want to use your own bearings, then kits will be available for $24.99, still with glued and trued rubber. Raceway discount is available.

A truing fixture is available on special order for $5.99 that will fit right on to your Hudy 3/32" mandrel and will lock the wheel with a guide nut.

For more information, email to samsonclassics@gmail.com

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