Friday, February 07, 2014

Slot.It for 2014

Slot.It Previews shown at Nurenburg Toy Fair 2014

CA28a Nissan R89c Lola Le Mans 1989 "Calsonic"
Nissan Motorsport - Masahiro Hasemi / Kazuyoshi Hoshino / Toshio Suzuki

CA28b Nissan R89c Lola Le Mans 1990 "Men's Tenoras"
Team Le Mans - Takao Wada / Anders Olofsson / Maurizio Sandro Sala

CA13c Jaguar XJR12 2nd Le Mans 1991
TWR - Davy Jones / Raul Boesel / Michel Ferté

CA02g Porsche 956c Le Mans 1984 New lighter body 17g
Team Australia - Larry Perkins / Peter Brock

CA09f Porsche 956 KH 6th Mugello 1000km 1983 New lighter body 17g
Volkert Merl / Gianpiero Moretti / Dieter Schornstein

CA17c Porsche 962 KH WSPC Fuji 1000km 1988
From A Racing - Hideki Okada / Stanley Dickens

CW18 Matra-Simca MS670C 1st Le Mans 1974
Henri Pescarolo / Gérard Larrousse

CA26c McLaren-Chevrolet M8D/E Can Am Laguna Seca 1971
American Racing Associates (ARA) Roy Woods - Vic Elford

RRP and release dates have not yet been established.
Consult for more information.

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