Friday, April 11, 2014

USRA Nationals Report - April 11, 2014 - Eurosport F1 1/32

USRA National Championships 2014

Day Four Report
Part One

Eurosport F1 1/32

Eurosport F1 1/32 Concours

Eurosport F1 1/32 Concours Winner - "Dub" Wade
Paint by Vance Oathout

Eurosport F1 1/32 Top Qualifier - Greg Gilbert - 4.667

Eurosport F1 1/32 Podium
1st - Greg Gilbert (TQ)
2nd - Paul Gawronski
3rd - Alex Leite

Greg's Eurosport F1 1/32 Winning Racer

Eurosport F1 1/32 - Overall Results
(click for larger view)

Photos courtesy of Jim Radford / PSCR

Pacific Slot Car Raceways
2908 Meridian Ave. E. #104
Edgewood, Washington

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