Thursday, October 02, 2014

iHobby News - AMT Reproduction Brass Chassis

One of the few interesting new items for Slot Car racers shown at the 2014 iHobby show in Schaumburg, IL was the reproduction and update of the 1960's vintage 1/24 AMT brass chassis that was shown by Professor Motor of Livonia, MI

Photo provided by Andy Smith / Professor Motor

This description of the chassis is provided by Andy Smith / Professor Motor:

"NEW MINT 1/24 Scale Reproduction of the 1960's AMT Slot Car Chassis.  Produced from ALL NEW TOOLING !  Gorgeous brass stampings and all stainless steel hardware.  This chassis design was used by AMT in the 1960's for both sports cars like the Chaparral / McLaren Elva / Lola T70 and Stock Cars such as the 1966 Galaxie / Chevy Impala and the Mercury Cyclone.  The chassis has an adjustable wheelbase from 3.85" (97.8mm) minimum to 4.9" (124.5mm) maximum.  The main chassis plate has a width of  2.15" (54.6mm) and since it is made of brass, it can easily be soldered or modified to fit a wide variety of period body shells if needed.  This chassis has brass "slide weights" that move front to rear as the car accelerates or brakes that were designed in to give variable weight distribution as specified by the original chassis designer.

This version of the AMT chassis is greatly improved over the 1960's original.  Those improvements include a MUCH thicker brass used in the main chassis plate for added rigidity that was a notable weakness in the original version, all stainless steel attaching hardware with easier to use phillips drive screws and a nylon insert lock nut to hold the adjustable guide tongue in place solidly. This version also has a much improved overall quality of stamping with better flatness and finish, a much improved chassis fit for the bushings / ball bearings that would be used, and finally a 1/4"+ increase in the chassis wheelbase over the original to correct the wheelbase mismatch when using large 1/24 bodies such as the 1966 Galaxie or Chevy Impala."

The body mounting kits are sold separately and are available in "narrow" style for sports car bodies and "wide" for stock car bodies.

A prototype of the Professor Motor "Monogram" series 1/32 RTR cars was shown at iHobby but we were asked to not publish photos because the livery has not yet been finalized. It MAY be similar to what is shown below:

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