Saturday, August 26, 2017

Results- Race 9 of the AWRA New Jersey Legends Summer Series

Vinnie Wisniewski extended his point lead and picked up his record 7th win in race 9 of the AWRA New Jersey Legends Summer Series for kids 5 to 12 years of age. With the summer series winding down, it is safe to say that Blake Maher, who finished second, and who is second in points, will not be able to close the gap. Bryce Airey finished third and closed the points gap between he and Dakota Curry, who finished fourth, Emerson Curry came home in fifth, and picked up a point on Neil Matthews, who is sixth in points. 

Here is how they finished
1. Vinnie Wisniewski 111 laps
2. Blake Mahar 101 laps
3. Bryce Airey 100 laps
4. Dakota Curry 95 laps
5. Emerson Curry 55 laps
AWRA New Jersey Legends Points Standings
1. Vinnie Wisniewski 36 points
2. Blake Mahar 27 points
3. Dakota Curry 17 points
4. Bryce Airey 11 points
5. Emerson Curry 7 points
6. Neil Matthews 5 points

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