Thursday, September 07, 2017

Race Results: 2017 AWRA Corby's Alignment 500

Saturday, September 2nd 2017
Historic Kingston Speedway in Anderson, Alabama
Eight AWRA Sportsman Stock cars were on hand for the Corby's Alignment 500 at Historic Kingston Speedway in Anderson, Alabama.

This race was the second ever AWRA Stock car race. All the cars were new and built for this class. 
Loron Lindsey joined Dean Stewart as the second winner in the AWRA Stock car division. Lindsey was the top qualifier, and eluded the dreaded AWRA TQ curse to claim victory in the inaugural Corby's Alignment 500. Danny Liebecki finished second, and Adam Liebecki rounded out the podium finishers.

Here are the full field results:
1. Loron Lindsey, Anderson, ALA - 320 laps. *** TQ ***
2. Danny Liebecki, Anderson, ALA - 308 laps
3. Adam Liebecki, Anderson, ALA - 301 laps
4. Peter Shreeves, Ardmore, TN - 283 laps
5. Mary Walton, Ardmore, TN - 279 laps
6. Will Tomlinson, Center Star, ALA - 278 laps
7. Katie Moody, Anderson, ALA - 273 laps
8. Fred Stillwell, Marietta, GA

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