Monday, July 24, 2006

Scaleauto Boxer Toyota

Bantuslot is showing images of a new version of the Scaleauto Toyota GT1.

The Scaleauto-011:
Scaleauto SC-011(Boxer, large motor)
RPM: 19000 rpm @ 12V
180 g/cm @ 12 V
200 mA

The body is the same with a new motor pod assembly and new motor as an option for those that like their slot cars with TONS of torque.

Thanks to Miguel at Bantuslot for use of the image.


Reegs said...

Underneath it sure looks like the old ProSlot Toyota. Did Scaleauto take that production over?

DaveKennedy said...

Yes, Scaleauto bought the molds and is now producing the car.

brownbrothers said...

Now this is the best car. In spain a lot of people is using it, i am included. I have it with a NSR 25.000 and is very fast. Only taking out the front tyres and putting ones without grip the car goes like the wind ;).

Congratulations for your blog we have just known and it is very well donde and very interesting.

Sorry for my english.

We will be in contact.


DaveKennedy said...

Brownbrothers, thanks for looking at my blog. You have a great slot blog and I'll add it to my links!!!!!



brownbrothers said...

I have just added your link in our blog.

Tell me if you like.

Thank you and see you.


DaveKennedy said...

¡Ah tipos, gracias! Es gran ver más blogs de coche de ranura. Y usted tipos tienen un gran tal blog. ¿Cuán largo ha estado publicando usted su blog?

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