Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slot Car Corner Now in Canada!

You probably already know about the high quality products and excellent service available from Slot Car Corner. Steve and Dickie do a marvelous job designing and selling unique tuning and performance products for slot car enthusiasts like us. Their Super Wheels SS are also very popular, and of course, they carry the complete line of Classic Super Tires (R) and Yellow Dog Super Tires (R).

I have known Dickie and Steve for some time now, as our respective clubs get together as often as possible to participate in a variety of racing events. No matter what we race or the outcome, we always have a lot of fun. That's why I'm very excited to announce that I will be working very closely with them to bring the high quality Slot Car Corner products to this side of the border and getting them to Canadian customers without the hassles of an international order: the shipping delays, the Customs' «surprises» (you know what I mean!), currency conversion, taxes, etc..

The Slot Car Corner reputation for superior service is well known in the slot car community and I'll do what I need to do to maintain this reputation "north of the border". Steve and Dickie have always stood by their products - rest assured this will continue with Slot Car Corner Canada.

In the last few weeks, we've been very busy getting organized, building an inventory and setting up a website for Slot Car Corner Canada. Some products are still in short supply but as we become aware of what you, our Canadian customers, need, we will adjust quickly. The Canadian branch is still brand new but we want to serve you as best as we can.

For now, Slot Car Corner Canada won't carry any SCX or made-to-order products. For those, you're still invited to deal with Slot Car Corner (USA) directly. But for anything else (tires, wheels, tuning parts, tools, etc.), we'll be there for you.

Please visit our website at www.slotcarcorner.ca to learn more about available products including payment options and shipping rates. Don't forget that all prices are in Canadian dollars. Et bien sûr, nous pouvons vous servir en français avec grand plaisir, puisque nous sommes situés dans la belle ville de Québec.

It will be a pleasure to help you get more speed (and of course, more fun!) from your preferred slot cars.

Christian Gingras
Slot Car Corner Canada

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