Monday, July 13, 2009

AutoArt Alfa!

Hey now! AutoArt snuck this one in... I didn't see this before. 1/32 Alfa!



email me at said...

the GIULIA's are such beautiful cars. i got a Fly one and it was a real piece of junk. to this day i vowed never to buy a fly car again. does anyone know what the drive train in these look like ?

DaveKennedy said...

I've emailed AA to ask what the motor layout is.

rick said...

Hey dave
motor is inline there are chassis pictures on my forum , all three of the livery's are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I got one red and has just received this yellow. Both are amazing and beautifully finished.

On track (I do not use magnets, the car is not that "wonderful" thing, however, it is still better than Fly's version.

I would decrease the power replacing the original motor by a Ninco Nc1 type.

But anyway, I loved the car!!! :):)

Ricardo Bifulco

RL said...

Is the motor in the front (with drive shaft) or in the rear? Inline works fine if the latter. A fine looking model, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...


The motor is inline positioned at rear as we use to see in most of slot cars.

Another thing, compared to Fly's version, the car looks to be much more within the scale.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Bifulco