Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 100 slotters of all time?

This website has a list of their list of the top 100 slotters of all time. See this list at this link.


R Livi Ngston said...

Looks like a fairly narrow view of Euro wing car racing. I think (?)

Where's Kurt Moser? Smokeio?

Anonymous said...

I raced for Gugu Bernardino (Red Fox)Team for 2 years. Great time :)

Ricardo Bifulco

MG Brown said...

Remember that this is JPvR's highly biased and narrow minded opinion and really isn't worth the pixels it is written with.

MG Brown said...

BTW- the photos on this page of Gugu, and Chubbie (for example) are photos I took, are my property, and were used without permission (or even asking permission).

legionofone said...

Value...not here.

There will always be some bigger,
badder, and better than the guy that someone feels is the best.

Anonymous said...

Nearly not spanish in the list !!!