Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Racer (RCR 63B) 512S #20 Sebring 12hrs. 1979 - J. Ickx / P. Schetty

My local slot shop Mini Grid recently received a shipment of Racer cars. Included in their shipment was Racer's Ferrari 512S. This release has allowed me to add another car from the legendary 1970 Sebring 12 hour race to my collection. It's Racer's Ickx / Schetty Ferrari 512S. Truly, a work of art in slot car form:

Judging from historical photos taken back in the day, Racer has nailed it aside from the lack of prancing horse emblem on their model's nose.

My guess is that this detail was omitted due to licensing issues. An easy enough fix with the appropriate decal...another mod added to my slot car to-do list, so I'll get around to is some day.Racer has done a nice job on the interior and Mr. Ickx' helmet:

Some nice detail on the rear of this model:

Here are shots that compare the Racer 512S (left) to its Fly counterpart (right):

Underneath lurks a Slot.it drivetrain - what we've come to expect in a Racer. This guarantees the car will run as good as it looks. My example exhibited a bit of tire rub, but with the adjustable nature of the Slot.it drivetrain this is easily fixable.

I now have three cars in my Sebring 1970 collection: Andretti's custom liveried Fly 512S, the Revson / McQueen Fly Porsche 908 Flunder, and the Ickx / Schetty Racer 512S:

All I need now is some track time. I'm looking forward to getting this beauty on the track to see how it stacks up against its race mates.

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