Monday, December 17, 2012

Hardbody Camaro Build with Brian Meharry Part 2

Here she is soldered together with the front axle tube in place. I cut additional slots that will be used to solder the chassis in additional spots as well as the end of the tube.

View from underneath. I rounded the edges of the angle for a little smoother look. It's also one less thing to poke a turn marshall with.

Closer view of the front end set up. I will solder the front axle in next.

After a few hours in the tumbler, our frame looks like a shiny piece of jewelry. We'll mount the body next.

To go for the American short track look...those wheel wells are going to have to be opened up.

I used JK products lane stickers, stuck them to the body in the desired location, and traced around them with a Sharpie. The shaded parts will be removed with a Dremel sanding drum.

Here's the wheel wells cut out so that we can obtain a wider stance. I'm going with a flat black hood on this one. Black hoods are just sinister looking on Camaros.

Check in next time when Brian shows his stenciling and pin-striping techniques.

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