Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hardbody Camaro Build with Brian Meharry Part 3

I usually free hand paint my numbers with a brush and One Shot lettering enamels, but this is another method of making your own numbers. I draw them on blue painters tape, and carefully cut them out with an Ex-Acto blade.
Number masks shown applied to the body. When spraying the main color, make sure to use light coats of paint so that the paint doesn't bleed under the masks.
I'm about 5 hours into the build now. I'm going to do some simple pinstripe techniques next around the numbers and elsewhere on the body. 
I'm going to paint a couple of red lines on each side of the car using One Shot enamel. Notice how I left the masking tape for the numbers on the doors.
Once the red lines are dry enough I peeled off the straight masking tape. After that, I outlined the white numbers with red as well with a 20/0 round brush. I layed down a few white diamonds and star shapes in white. I'm going for the early 70' s short track look here. This car is a loose interpretation of a car that ran at Raceway Park on Chicago's South side.
The main color of this car is Testors Purple-licious from a rattle can. I used a little bit of yellow to make the numbers on the doors pop out a bit. I'm going to wait at least 24 hours for the lettering enamel to dry. The body will be coated with acrylic gloss, and the hood will be coated with a satin finish.
Here's the finished body mounted on the chassis as previously built. It's a good idea to check the fit of the body on the rolling chassis before moving on much farther.

In the next installment, Brian gets into some tips and techniques having to do with interior painting and motor mounting.

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