Monday, October 07, 2013

2014 Announcements from MR Slotcar

Ernie Mossetti of MR Slotcar ("MR" refers to Mossetti Racing) has announced additional liveries as well as new subjects for the MR Slotcar line of ready to run 1/32 slotcars and parts.

I am told that the company has solved their production problems and will be able to deliver product on a regular basis during 2014.

In addition to the Calsonic and Men's Tenoras versions previously announced, this "Cabin" livery is planned for the Nissan R89C.

MRS-1014 Nissan R89C JGTC - Cabin Cigarettes

These liveries were added for the Lola T-70 Roadster.

MRS-1032 Lola T70 Peter Revson - Dana

MRS-1033 Lola T70 Jerry Grant - Bardahl AAR

A new subject planned for the MR Slotcar line is the 1986 McLaren F1 GTR.

MRS-1042 McLaren BMW F1 GTR - Marlboro Cigarettes

MRS-1043 McLaren BMW F1 GTR - MVR Wheels

It is unknown at this time if the cars shown above with Tobacco markings will be produced as shown or with some sort of camouflage.

Information provided by Ernie Mossetti / MR Slotcar (Via Raceworld Canada)

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