Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Proto Slot Kit Plans New Mecom Hussein-Dodge MkI

Proto Slot Kit of France ( announces catalog number CB0078, a 1/32 resin multimedia trans-kit allowing the modeler to build the Mecom Hussein-Dodge Mk I slot car.

The kit comes with a pre-painted body shell in the correct "Mecom Blue" as shown below.

Parts and decals are included in the kit to build the 1964 Nassau Trophy or L.A. Times Grand Prix at Riverside versions. Proto-Slot kit PY-02 Adjustable Chassis can be used with this body (sold separately).

The Hussein was a one off, built by John Mecom's race team and sponsored by Zerex (an anti-freeze product made by the Dupont Company). John Mecom's father was an oil wildcatter based in Houston, Texas. This racing car was named for John Mecom Sr's customer King Hussein of Jordan.

The Hussein is based on a strengthened Cooper Monaco chassis and it features a 426 cu in (7 liter) Dodge power plant. The Dodge Hemi was originally designed for drag racing and later was adapted to NASCAR. This former NASCAR powerplant was worked over by Traco and develops about 525 Horsepower.

The Mecom Hussein was probably the most powerful sports racer of it's day with a top speed of well over 200mph, but the car was reportedly quite a handful in the turns even for "Super Tex".

At Nassau, Foyt finished second overall in the 25- lap Governor's Trophy, seven seconds behind Roger Penske's Chaparral 2, beating teammate Walt Hansgen in the rear engined Scarab and Rodriguez's NART Ferrari 330P.

In the 56 lap feature the Hussein spun out while leading the race, and eventually retired after 48 laps. In 1965 Mecom became the U.S.A. Lola importer and the Hussein never raced again.

The 1964 Mecom Hussein is now part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Collection

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