Saturday, November 04, 2017

Great Lakes ISRA 2017-2018 Series Race #1

November 4th 2017, the 1st race in the Great Lakes ISRA Series was held at Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies in Naperville, IL.

First event of the day was the JRL/F1 race on the former D.J.'s Hot Slots Chris Dadd's 'LTD' Track (8 Entries).

1- Chuck Gambo 246 Laps
2- John Miller 241 Laps
3- Dale Lipe 238 Laps

Next race was the Open-12 contest also on the LTD (9 entries)

1- Dale Lipe 276 Laps
2- Kevin Van Pelt 269 Laps
3- Rob Voska 265 Laps

The ES-24 Race was not run due to lack of entries.

The final race of the event was B-Production (9 Entries)

1- Kevin Van Pelt 266 Laps
2- Chuck Gambo 265 Laps
3- Scott Morgan 248 Laps

For more information on GLISRA check their Facebook Page at Great Lakes ISRA on Facebook

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