Friday, April 05, 2019

Ostorero Slot Announces 1:32 Indy Kurtis Novi 4WD

Ostorero Slot announces 3 new Indy 1956 Kurtis Novi Roadsters in 1:32 scale with a clever 4WD chassis that mimic the iconic Indy racers.

4WD Chassis
The versions available now are: J.R. "Jimmy" Davies (white with # 31- DNQ) and Paul Russo (red with # 29- 33rd) versions from the 1956 Indy "500".

J.R. Davies version

Paul Russo version
Also available is a "fantasy" version inspired at the comic book "Michel Vaillant", this Novi was driven in the comic book by "Steve Warson", (white with #1), who challenged Michel Vaillant at the Indy 500.

"Steve Warson" version

These 3 RTR versions are a limited and numbered edition of 150 pieces each.

As usual Ostorero models are designed and made for collectors; the body of the model is in resin, chassis in SLS Nylon and all the mechanical parts are including the 21.000 rpm motor.

The RTR versions of the 1956 Novi are now available at €195.00 + post on and in the next few weeks the kit versions will be available.

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