Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Slot.It V12-3 motor series!

This is the first in new family of motors that will replace some of the current motors.

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It is the first of a new generation of motor, which improves upon its predecessors' magnets, balancing, bushing and cooling. The first member is a 21500 RPM motor, with torque, and a max power 0f 9.6W. The endbell is orange and carries the logo.

This motor will be standard on the cars in the future. For the time being, all the V12/2 motors will be produced. Pricing will remain the same as the other V12/2 motors, part numbers:

SIMN06 - case inline
SIMX06 - universal no pinion
SIMS06 - endbell inline
SIMF06 - endbell sidewinder

Images and description used with permission of Slot.It.

Editor's note:
This motor appears to mark an important shift in the current line of motors. If you have a short track or just like slower motors it seems that Slot.It is going in the "less (RPM) is more" direction, and I applaud that. At least the slotter is getting more choices in quality motors, and that's never a bad thing. Especially with the high quality Slot.It is known for.
With the absence of the now out of production NC1 Ninco will Slot.It produce a similar motor? Time will tell.

In the near future the Clarion Nissan R390 GT1 will be released with a "chassis surprise", will the Clarion be the first car with the new "standard" 21k? Is this the surprise in the chassis?



Robert Livingston said...

The new Slot It V12/3 21.5k RPM motor is actually more powerful than the 25k.

Geared correctly, it would push a slot car faster on many tracks, and would probably go down the straights just as fast.

If you multiply RPM times torque, you find that the 25k produces only 83% of the new motor's power.

25k x 122 g-cm = 3,050 power units
21.5k x 170 g-cm = 3,655 power units

Compared to a standard Scalextric or Fly motor, estimated to produce about 100 g-cm torque, and to spool up to 20k, the new Slot.It approaches TWICE the power.

tom said...

Dave it would be great if Slot-it did make an NC-1 style motor. I'd buy.