Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hamilton's win taken away in Belgium...

...disgusted.... read the full story below.
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Christian Gingras said...

I really think that was a good decision from the stewards. As I was watching the race live, I said to myself that Hamilton didn't give Raikkonen enough time to get back into the "real" race after the incident at the last chicane.

Hamilton was not in front of Kimi and Raikkonen had the right to keep the car in the racing line at this particular corner. When Hamilton went into the escape zone, he had to let Kimi pass after that... and he did.

BUT, he stayed there only 2 or 3 tenths of a second before he attacked back. The rule should be that a driver that took advantage of an escape zone should not only let the other driver pass him but should also stay behind him until the next corner. After that, the racing could resume.

I want to say I'm not really a Ferrari fan. I want Hamilton to win the championship and I don't particularly like the Iceman. But this morning, I couldn't help but think that he was penalised by the way Hamilton did what he did.


Hugo Figueiredo said...

This is always very controversial, however, my opinion is this:

- It's a fact that LH cut the chicane
- It's also a fact that LH did in fact return P1 to KR after the chicane's exit,

However, it is also noticeable that even after letting him past, he was in a serious advantage position to charge him for the immediate next corner, La Source, so I think the stewards decision in handing the time penalty is right, although I cannot comment on the time amount to be added.

When I first heard about the penalty, the image that came into my mind was the constant left-right maneuvers of LH blocking KR in the Camel straight, but I guess that is allowed afterall.

Christian Gingras said...

The time that was added was the estimated time lost when a car goes into the pit area because that was the penalty he would have received should the incident have occured earlier in the race.

Anonymous said...

I thouht it is bad time to hamilton,Any way it was a good decission by commitee.Nice post,Thanks..


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miked said...

To all you F1 weekend Stewart's...
Former Ferrari star and three-times drivers world champion Niki Lauda yesterday described the decision to strip Lewis Hamilton of his Belgian Grand Prix win as "the worst in history".

Miked said...

Hey Stewart's what do you have to say about this from the Bloomberg news... Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren's chief operating officer, said in a statement that the team twice asked race control if Hamilton had acted correctly to retake the lead.
"They confirmed twice that they believed that the position had been given back in a manner that was 'okay"" Whitmarsh said. "If race control had instead expressed any concern regarding Lewis's actions at that time,we would have instructed Lewis to allow Kimi to re-pass for a second time."