Thursday, May 07, 2009

A dealer in the news!

Check out this link to see the article about Todd Blaeser's store and new slot track in Chippewa Falls!

From the article on the Volume1 website:
"Todd Blaeser, owner of 1st Place Apparel, located on 300 N. Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls, just finished putting together his own slot car racetrack in the main level of his store.

The cars and four-lane track is 1/32 scale to the real thing, said Blaeser. With fake grass surrounding the slot car track and a computer hooked up to record the number of laps and fastest laps, as well as add sound effects while racing, it is easy to see why slot car racing is become popular again.

Blaeser was inspired to put a slot car racetrack in his store because he used to race slot cars when he was a kid, and even used it to bond with his son years ago, said Blaeser."

Excellent article about Todd!

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