Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Race Management system from Slotfire

From Slotfire:

"We complete our range for race management and laptiming of analog tracks.

it´s made of Software and Hardware. A short overview:
1. „Slottronic >race”: Software for up to eight drivers. Compatible with Windows and Mac (up OS 10.5).
Languages are: English, Spain, Arabic and German.
2. „Slottronic Racebox”: Laptimer-Hardware, allows adjustment of power for each lane via Software
3. „Slottronic Racebox mini”: without power adjustment
4. „Slottronic Racebox mini I”: The Hardware is here build in in the track

in combination with „Slottronic >race” and „Slottronic Racebox” and
5. „Slottronic Center”a software for commercial race centers, is it possible to manage
a complete race center."

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