Monday, March 26, 2012

MB Slot track article

An article from MB Slot:

For the past few days we have the opportunity to work with our center and we wanted to immediately begin the design and implementation of some parts of the slopes.
The work on the tracks is very large and for the first series of standard parts will take several days to put into production the various sections of track.
Build standard sections 4 6 8 lanes with radii of curvature as the main tracks in plastic
22.5 ° 30 ° 45 ° etc. combined with lengths of rectilinear so as to be contained in a length of 180 cm and its width.
Of course the production of special parts or entire circuits is possible, only requests are waiting, believe it or not you can do everything.

Very important is how to support the tracks and that's why we started the construction of the first prototypes of "LEGS
After several attempts we came to this version, which seems ideal for all types of track and offers some great solutions.
Maximum width 45 cm
Minimum height 60 cm
Maximum height of 110 cm
MDF 19 mm for the same track.

Instead of the usual long central slot, to adjust the height, we have realized more slots, much smaller, to facilitate the adjustment at the same height of the various "LEG."
The slots have a width of 10 mm, a length of 3 cm and a pitch of 2 cm in order to have the settings between a slot and the other by 5 cm at the stroke end, to 2 cm between the individual slots.
In the picture the two sides of the support are bolted with a nut and double 60x10 oversize washer. In this case there will be a support for a flat track, if one wishes to tilt the track necessary to use a single bolt. It would suffice just one bolt, but with 2 one has the safety of the floor track.
In the pictures above, you can see the detail of one of the 3 holes in the head supports, hole 6 mm to 1.5 mm from the edge, to allow the bolt to the track "LEGS", through a strip of wood or angle metal.
These pieces were constructed with the same boards and the black part of the track is the track surface. From the first picture you can guess the slight surface roughness, type or Polistil Carrera track.
Probably the final version will be used the same MDF, melamine finish but without.

The particular in photography has been designed to collect the cables that there will be below the track, so as to prevent them from falling and earth.
Here we will try to eliminate the edge that is formed by passing a drill linearly from outside to inside.
The top and bottom of the "LEG" are absolutely identical, if you wanted to do a track across it would take a 60 cm high, supporting the narrow, 30 cm wide, on the ground.
Soon we will be presenting the first pieces of track, as the anticipation I can show the classic oval.
In this case it is a 4-lane drawn back and forth on a single table, not through a central milled place for a guardrail.
The tables are long, 180 cm and 120 cm wide, minimum radius of curvature of 15 cm and 10 cm distance between lanes.
The strip will have a width of about 6 mm and a thickness of about 1 mm, galvanized metal, then magnetic.
The slot a depth of 10 mm and a width of 3mm
Also here for anyone who wants a non-magnetic strip, just ask.
Suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated to make a product better.

Good luck to all
Marco Ballardini

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