Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Sloting Plus parts

SLPL 090100 is hard motor pod ( photo joined )
SLPL 090103A is soft chassis alone and SLPL 090104A is hard chassis alone ( photo joined )
The soft chassis is a new compound more flexible for plastic tracks...
Complete chassis with bearings and screws are always sold under references SLPL 090101 ( soft ) and SLPL 090102 ( hard ).
You have also the called kit chassis EVO with motor pod separated ( photo joined ) under references SLPL 090103 ( soft ) and SLPL 090104 ( hard ).
So, possibilities are various : Complete soft or hard chassis, EVO chassis soft or hard or Hard motor pod + soft chassis alone for example...

Of course, we propose with this chassis the possibility to make your own Reynard with a complete white body kit under reference SLPL 090109 as photos joined . 13 g weight for the complete body with ABS cockpit !

Also, a new reference is SLPL 00109 Reynard basic white kit which include a complete white body kit + a complete chassis + a sport guide with all screws necessary for make yourself tunning and decoration you want ! Indeed, the idea is racers from different countries and clubs use different motors, gears and ratio, wheels, tyres ..etc and so, here, they can choose the parts adapted for such or such races or events or tracks !!!

Finally, regarding new parts, we have New eccentric bearings under references SLPL 1016, 1017 as photos joined and New long allen screws 8 and 10 mm under references SLPL 9309, 9310.

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