Monday, March 19, 2012

Slot Car Corner Open House!

Slot Car Corner is inviting you to a fun filled weekend of slot car racing (if you're reading this-you're invited). The dates are May 25th, 26th and 27th. The store is located at 322 Village St., Penacook, NH 03303 (On some GPS systems, you may need to use Concord, NH instead of Penacook.)

Come try out our new custom built 80' 4 lane track (pics coming soon). We'll be racing a variety of classes throughout the weekend, with both individual and team style events planned. There's even a special team event planned that we know you've never done before, so be ready for something that will be talked about for quite some time.


10am - Track open for practice

7pm to 10pm - Individual race based on HOST GT class. Good opportunity to try and set the track lap time record...


8am - Track open for practice

10:30am to 1pm - Individual race using Super GT's

2:30pm to 5pm - IROC Team Race format - This won't be your ordinary team style race. You don't want to miss this one...

7pm to approx. 11pm - 4 Hour Enduro using Racer DP's based on NEC rules - Team event


10am to approx. 1pm - Individual race with Slot.It and Mr. Slotcar Group C cars - (rules forthcoming)


Friday - $7.00 - includes pizza for dinner

Saturday - $20.00 - includes lunch and dinner

Sunday - $5.00 - includes lunch

For more information see these links.
Northeast Challenge Rules

Slot Car Corner

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