Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SCX Pays Houston Scale Auto Racing Club a Visit!

SCX Technical Director - Bryan Young paid the Houston Scale Auto Racing Club (HSARC) and Scale Auto Racing, Inc. a visit this past Friday night!!

It was an absolute surprise to the HSARC crew to see this Chevy HHR sitting in the parking lot on Friday night!

Bryan stopped by to check out the HSARC racing action and share some of the new offerings from SCX with us.
Bryan also delivered the ULTIMATE in customer service by hand delivering 3 new motors to Bruce (one of the HSARC regulars), who had experienced a couple of motor related issues.

THANKS BRYAN! You are a living example of excellent of customer service and made some SCX customers for life!

Keep your eyes peeled for this HHR!

There is still one secret that is behing hidden from us by SCX - we could not figure out if this one was analog or digital (LOL)!! Maybe its a new remote control version, after all there was no guide blade under the front end.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, this is not a PT Cruiser, this is HHR

Robert Livingston said...

You are correct, sir, editorial corrections have been made. The vehicle is a Chevy HHR.

dv said...

That SCX Chevy looks way overscale: at least 32x overscale in every dimension!

Anonymous said...

this HHR looks very cool! tell Bryan to buy next time a PT Cruiser! best regards from chrysler germany!