Friday, April 25, 2008

SCX Launches "SCX Worldwide"

Tecnitoys Juguetes SA of Barcelona, Spain launches new website called SCXWorldWide (

SCXWorldWide is a new online venue for both enthusiasts of scale model racing as well as individuals of all types who are interested in product information and technical support regarding SCX-branded slot car products. This site is meant to be an international site, and while most text is in English, we welcome contributions to the website in other languages, as well as members from around the world.

As SCX´s business worldwide has grown over the past few years, it became obvious that we needed a more direct method of communication with our end customers and members of the various distribution channels. SCXWorldWide is now that medium.

At, visitors may register for free to access most areas of the website, or they may upgrade their membership to the SCX Club for $35 US Dollars and receive an exclusive Club Car (a black Porsche 911 in 2008), as well as regular updates about SCX products and events of interest in the slot car sector.

Retail Dealers may register and make their store information available for visitors, so that people searching for scale model racing products can find sources in their local communities or online. Dealers will also have special access to information that may help their business, including information directly from SCX about product availability in their markets.

In addition to a complete presentation of the SCX portfolio of products, members may participate in discussion threads about topics relevant to slot car racing, access both technical support information and professionals to answer questions, as well as obtain product reviews of SCX products or new releases from the many other manufacturers in the scale model racing industry.

It is SCX´s hope that visitors to the site will have fun while visiting, and that their experience at will enhance their level of entertainment when racing wherever they meet with friends or family to enjoy scale model racing.

Publishers note:
SCX Worldwide is a site I have been helping SCX develop and I'm an administrator on the site.

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