Friday, January 23, 2009

New Revell Galaxie in the US and other Revell releases

This and other Revell releases are now in the US or soon will be.

85-4892 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 #28 Fred Lorenzen Retail $54.39

08345 NSU TT Bergmeister, ltd Edition Retail $142.29
08346 BMW 320 DRM 1977 "Winkelhock" ltd Edition Retail $142.29
08339 Audi Sport-Quattro SWB-Rallye Ivory Coast '84 "Blomqvist/Cederberg" Retail $57.79
08399 Audi Sport-Quattro SWB Rallye Monte Carlo '85 Rohrl/Geistdorfer Retail $57.79
85-4896 Ferrari 275P Retail $45.39
85-4897 Ferrari 250 GTO LM/64 Retail $45.39

Thanks to REH Distributors for this news!


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