Friday, January 02, 2009

Ultimate Racer 3 available for download

A new release of ur3 is available for download at this link.

New features

Track layout editor:

  • UR30 localization with external text file
  • editor GUI simplified with full toolbar usage
  • 2D track section display enhancement
  • add 4/6/8 lane track sections - automatically generated
  • zoom dialogue enhancement
  • manage library include directive to merge track section libraries
  • manage pictures as libraries
  • 2 lane circuit gap suppressor
  • new editor tools: center view, mirror circuit, left/right borders, circuit snapshot, border track operation button..
  • new Carrera D132 library, Ninco library updated
  • library includes to split libs
  • new multi lane and dummy red/white libraries
Race management:
  • count down start lights
  • joystick interface
  • UR30 localization with external text file
  • simplify external device management - automatic hardware enabling/disabling
  • link with Zone Trigger
  • even start
  • reaction time management
  • "large" view selection buttons


alice1988 said...

Here is great track for the car futures.

Really its very useful for downloading.

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Anonymous said...

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