Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Truth in 24" LeMans documentary coming

The trailer for "Truth in 24" let's see how long it is before I'm told to remove this...

Well I'm very glad to see that ESPN is producing a documentary (that's what we call "reality TV" these days because "documentary" sounds too educational I guess) about Audi's pursuit of a win in the 24 Hours of LeMans during 2008. In an article I just read in AutoWeek (Jan.26th edition page 38) there's a description of the filming of the documentary, "Truth in 24" and it struck me that it's about damn time that racing got some kind of TV show. We have lots of reality shows with drunken fools and crab fishing Alaskans (BTW, I love Deadliest Catch so no emails please) but nothing to show the real drama that unfolds on the track from race-to-race about sports car racing. Recognizable cars (which are much closer to what you will see on the street...ok not the LMP's), races held at night, in the rain, what's not to like?

BTW, you've got to check out the promo's on the website...

The story line, according to AutoWeek is that Audi is no longer the favorite (uh...ok) at LeMans and they're in a heated battle with the attack by Peugeot with the 908HDi. The viewer gets to see the action in the pits and an inside look at the Audi Motorsports efforts during the race using multiple cameras and wireless mics on the pit crew. Well it sure sounds like this has all the makings of an "event" not to be missed and also one to be recorded and played over again doesn't it?

Hopefully this will lead to some sort of modest awakening of the sports-watching-public that there's a really great racing series here.

Truth in 24 airs on ESPN at 8pm on March 20th, the night before the season opening race at Sebring... I know where I'll be that night. Watching ESPN for the first time in years!

On a personal note I read in the article that NFL Films shot the footage which means 2 things, the quality of the photography should be top notch AND... sometime during filming one of the NFL shooters filming either intentionally got in the way of a still shooter or got into a fight with a still shooter. Those NFL Films guys are a pain in the ass (any pro photogs out there that might read this will be nodding as they read this). During a previous career I'd gotten into more than one "discussion" with them on the sidelines.

I will make a note of this which will auto update that day so folks can be reminded to watch ESPN that night.

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mode-car said...

nice to exchange link?I'm new car blogger,anyway

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you feel that some of us are a PITA to work around at NFL games, we will try and improve that impression. Just as a point of reference, we did not have any issues with any of the fantastic photographers that were there to cover the event.

Take care.