Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pioneer Mustang review

From Harry of Home Racing World:
When we look at new releases in our hobby, not all of them have the following these models have. Especially when we are talking about a brand new company. Since the first peek at these cars, many enthusiasts have scrambled to have their own and for good reasons. These Pioneer Mustangs have great looks along with the performance we expected. Finally the ready to run versions arrived on my doorstep and we could get a closer look at these historic racers.

First, let us take a look of the 4 models up close. 2 of these models are the all new Notchback Trans-Am versions while the other 2 are new race livery adorned Fastbacks. What is interesting to me is how Pioneer has classified these models. They are not hiding the fact that the 2 Fastbacks are fictional liveries. Therefore the box art for these models are slightly different. I like this idea. They are honest about these models so those who strictly want prototype race cars know up front.

You see the Notchbacks have the Pioneer Trans-Am logo and the Fastbacks say Pioneer Club Sport. For those that care, I think the box art is quite well done. The bases with the road cone and stripe on them also make for an eye pleasing display. Remember, there are collectors out there who just enjoy looking at them. I can see this box on the desk of a Pony car enthusiast somewhere regardless if they are into our hobby or not.

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