Friday, September 16, 2011

Slot It poster!

From Slot It:
Group C is, without doubt, a category which has become synonymous to has come a long way since 2003, when the first Gr.C car, the Porsche 956 Kenwood, was launched.
We've lost count, since then, of how many other models have been made. It was 9 years of success, racing, collecting, which turned the Italian company into a reference name in the world of slot cars.
A limited edition lithography will soon be printed to celebrate these first nine years.
It's printed on special drawing paper, in 70x100cm size, and reproduces in historical order all the Gr.C cars which were made. The images, real pictures of the cars, are in 1:1 scale, hence, optical distortions permitting, are a faithful scale reproduction of the model.
The caption for each model shows the selling date, production code, and other information like the name of the car, the race venue and date, and the driver's names.

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