Friday, December 29, 2006

1/43 Slot car photo contest is having a photo contest for 1/43 slot cars.

From their site:
"We start on 01/01/2007 right here a photo contest for 1/43 slot cars. It doesn´t matter if you make a picture when they are standing or when they are in action...

We will have also prizes - more later.

The rating of the pics will be done by the sponsors (depends on their engagement) or in the forums participating at this conquest.


- one pic per person
- there must be at least one 1/43 slotcar on the pic*
- it´s allowed to work on the pic, by using speciallized software
- the pic must be send with a width of exact 600 pix and in jpg
- the eMail-adress the pics must be send to is
- the pics must be send to us latest 31/01/2007 - 23.59 h MEZ
- by sending a photo you accept the entry conditions

* Slotcars in 1/43 are Carrera GO!!!, Artin, Racy, Fastlane and Jouef. If you send a full scratch, you must tell us in your email from where you did get the body and the dims of it."

Sounds like a cool contest to enter. And thanks to Zippo for sending me an email about this.

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