Wednesday, July 09, 2008

NSR Ford GT review

An excerpt from Harry's review:The latest from NSR has certainly been anticipated by many in our hobby. Although NSR seems more focused on the advanced competition aspect of our hobby, it still is in our scale and I was curious to see just how well these cars perform. With a long list of features I expected one fine hot rod so let us take a closer look shall we?

When we review a model we have to set aside our personal preferences and be as objective as possible. Such is the case with this classic Ford. Although they have done a somewhat decent job of capturing this model in our scale, some fine scale enthusiasts will be very disappointed. We must remember that this model is directed more towards performance than anything else, so the scale issues found here will most likely not offend fans of these cars.

The best thing is that this car functioned better than I expected. VERY smooth and quiet with excellent grip in the corners. I walked away from this test session at least happy that the performance of the model should please most that purchase it. I admit I am not much of a fan of high speed racing, but once in awhile I like to change things up and satisfy my need for speed. This car certainly accomplished that.

Harry Wise has done a review of the NSR Ford GT it can be viewed in full at this link.

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dv said...

Harry is obviously not a fan of this car. I don't really understand why he would choose to review it? This looks like an ideal candidate for the Canadian Proxy Race. By the way, 1:1 racers of the era used different coloured knockoffs to indicate which side of the car they go onto as each side is threaded in the opposite direction. I'm surprised harry didn't know this.