Thursday, July 24, 2008

Power Slot 1/32 Quad review by Eric Cropper

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Different is good and Power Slot of Spain has created something very different. A QUAD!!! No, I didn’t make a typo. Usually, if someone out there wanted something very different they pulled a Frankenstein and made it themselves. I’ve seen folks take die-cast motorcycles and with a bit of modification had a runner for their personal amusement. Well, Power Slot has done the work for us with this release. So, tighten your gloves, put on your helmet, pull the goggles down and I’ll kick start this review.

The first thing you notice is that the Quad doesn’t come in your typical slot case. It is a cardboard box with a removable clamshell plastic interior. The box has some nice artwork on it depicting various scenes of racing Quads. Below is a close up of the two end flaps of the box.

The first debate some of you may make, “Is it really 1/32 scale?” I’m going to say, “No.” The driver looks more like a young boy driving this Quad instead of a man. The next debate is, “Do we really care?” I again say, “No.” Why you ask? Simple, we need to keep in mind the overall size of this Quad. You have to make it bigger than 1/32 scale in order to have room for all the mechanical parts that make it a slot quad instead of a static quad.

The overall appearance of the Quad is done very well and the finish is great. Colors are solid, vivid and hold little to no flaws. Power Slot pulled off the Quad look with features like the push bar bumper up front, grated foot platforms and the exaggerated fenders found on any real world quad.Read the full review at this link to Home Racing World.

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