Thursday, October 02, 2008

BRM Challenge Race in Nanticoke Pa.

The Wyoming Valley Slot Car Association will have a BRM Challenge race on October 5th, 2008 and an open BRM race for those racers who own BRM cars. This race will give more seat time to some folks who have traveled to our club to get some BRM racing action.

The BRM open race will use the standard guidelines for rules, mostly cars have to be stock, out of the box with the exception of tire choice. The only tires that will be allowed will be the BRM shore tires whether they be shore 30's and 15's. All cars will use the standard motor and must use stock gearing, pinion gear and ring gear are the drivers choice. We will race 4 to 5 minute lane segments with the possibility of 2 rotations thru. If anyone interested in racing this event please contact Chuck Perez at 570-262-2128 or email at

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