Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exclusive Spirit news

Seen here first... this will be a welcome bit of news for fans of Spirit's Peugeot 406's. There will be an improved design for the motor pod used in the Peugeot 406's that will make the pod more rigid and less prone to high-torque-hop. If you look at the upright that is next to the upright that holds the axle bearing you will see they are now joined by a brace. This will improve rigidity on the pod especially on high grip tracks. If you then choose to use the holes to hold in the motor you will have yourself quite a solid connection between the motor and gears.

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Robert Livingston said...

I hope this is just a developmental sketch, and that Spirit braces the axle bearing on the side without the gear. That side of the chassis still looks floppy. The torque is delivered to the road on the non-gear (right) side when you go around a left hand turn, and it looks like the right side is braced to the floor of the pod, but the floor can move relative to the motor cradle.

Improved, but not perfect.