Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SCX, BRM, Ninco races at iHobby in Chicago Thurs.,Fri., Sat.

Racing, racing, racing!!!!!! Join in the fun at the slot races at Chicagoland Raceway in Chicago over the next 3 days.

From Alan Smith of Slot Car
The racing will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings at October 16th - 18th.

The tentative schedule is Thursday evening:

Scalextric IROC Races: IROC Races:

FlyROC Races: ( this class is still in the organization stages due to me not getting my finger out )

BRM last chance qualifier:

Friday evening:

Audi Pro IROC:

NINCO Cup: this race is NINCO Cup rules bring your own cars. if enough people enter it will be held.


BRM last chance Qualifier:

Saturday evening:

BRM last chance Qualifier:

Model Contest all scales of Slot Cars welcome.
Prizes from BRM for best BRM cars remodeled. Also Prizes from NINCO, Fly Car Model, MRRC and for other classes.

This race will end with the top eight BRM Drivers racing off for a BRM Trophy Car and BRM medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Most of the racing will be IROC so no need to bring cars, there will be BRM Rental Cars for racers ($5.00 per race) so you can still try to get into the BRM Finals even if you do not own a BRM yet!

Everyone entering the BRM Challenge will receive a $30.00 rebate good toward the purchase of a BRM Porsche 001 through BRM 006.

Entry for this Event is $15.00 per day Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you pre enter all three days it is $40.00 so you save $5.00. Also if you enter all three days BRM Car Rental is free ( another $5.00 saving )

To enter a BRM last chance Qualifier is $10.00 per attempt, this price is reduced to $5.00 if you pre enter all three days.

Payment at the door to me will count as a Pre Entry.

Model Contest is included in the Entry fee for Saturday or the pre Entry fee, if you only want to enter the Model Contest it is $5.00 to enter on the day.

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