Friday, December 19, 2008

Seat 131 review link

A review by Harry Wise of Home Racing World:

Ever since I first piloted one of the classic rally cars by SCX I have been wanting to add this model to our collection. As simple as it may seem, the wide fender flares and blue and yellow paint really caught my eye and sooner or later I would have to add it to our collection. It has arrived so let us see how well this little SEAT 131 fits in with our other models.

This little car is very quick and snappy right out of the box. Acceleration and braking are very crisp and the magnet here really holds the model in place. 3.9 seconds was the average which was right on track (ahem) with the other models in the series. For me, a Rally car should slide though so we will be removing this magnet later. In any event it functioned as it should right out of the box and for that it passes with flying colors.

Read the complete review at this link.

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