Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New and Improved Super Wheels!!

Super Wheels are now available in a 15x8mm format in addition to the original 17x10mm format. Both wheels now feature simulated wheel nuts based on requests from numerous customers. Other improvements - the axle fit is even "snugger" than it was before - you will need to push/twist (just slightly...) the wheel onto the recommended axle. The 17x10mm wheels are now about .5g/pair lighter than the original version without compromising the integrity of the wheel.

For a limited time, Slot Car Corner is offering a SUPER DEAL on SUPER WHEELS!! Here's how it works:Purchase two (2) pairs of Super Wheels for just $14.99 USD!! Thats almost $5.00 USD off the normal retail price!! Your choice - 2 pairs of 17x10mm's OR 2 pairs of 15x8mm's OR 1 pair each of 17x10's and 15x8's!! Offer expires Dec. 31, 2008 so don't procrastinate - these wheels are going fast!! For more information or to place an order, please click here.

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