Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Grid!

Well, finally.... FINALLY! There's now a show on SpeedTV for those of us that don't want something Whipped, Pinked, Wrecked, AUCTIONED, Drifted... HOW ABOUT A BIT OF RACING?!?

Indy car, BTCC, ALMS actual news coverage, WHAT A THOUGHT! And I have nothing against Nascar BUT there does need to be an effort by a channel that calls itself SPEED to bring the other 90% of the racing world to the North American audience that is locked out of the world of motorsports by corporate media monopoly not showing Motors TV or similar channels here in the largest TV watching market in the world.

It's only half an hour but that's ok, I'm prepared to accept a small start... baby steps. Today half an hour of news, maybe tomorrow... who knows... maybe even a DTM reply NOT at 3am? A LeMans Series race a week late? GASP... even... perish the thought... LIVE? Yeah, I know I'm young and naive.

Until then, enjoy and support The Grid!

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link!!