Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gubi speaks

Miguel Gubianas designed the Pro SCX cars. Here he talks about some of his philosophy of slot car racing. Read more at this thread.


Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, more magnet hatin'. I say throw a viper 40 motor in that car and see just how much dominating you'll be doin'. I'm no beginner, I've raced both and for the most part find magnet free racing to be boring, especially on bigger circuits. Its a different type of racing but it doesn't mean that magnetless is better, just different. Having a car thats blazing fast requires great reflexes and timing, sharp vision and patience as well as speed. Thats why I like magnet racing. If magnetless racing was the only game in town then there would'nt be such a huge aftermarket that caters to magnet racing.

plagiarismisart said...
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dv said...

Great interview. SCX Pro cars are excellent expecially when raced without magnets. Interesting to get some insight into pro toy car racing.