Monday, April 20, 2009

SCX motor issue resolution

Copied from this message from the SCX General manager:


My name is Sergio Pastor, the Managing Director of Tecnitoys (SCX).

Just before the Nuremberg Toy Fair, I was talking with Dave Kennedy about the motors we should put in our cars, and Dave mentioned that the RX-42 motor is not fast enough - and many hobby enthusiasts want a faster motor. I told him, well if that is the case, then get 500 votes from ¨those¨ enthusiasts to put the RX-42B motor in our modern slot cars and the company will change the standard.

Dave then created this thread - which has produced a great amount of discussion and demonstrated to our management team that you all really do want a faster motor as the standard in modern SCX racing cars.

I have enjoyed monitoring this discussion over the past few months and your voices have been heard. Starting immediately, Tecnitoys will put the RX-42B motor in modern GT, NASCAR, LMP, and DTM cars. On a case by case basis we will place the appropriate motor in F-1, Rally, and Classic cars to ensure they are competitive, but reflect the era during which they raced.

Thank you very much for your active participation in this discussion and on SCXWorldWide in general. Your input helps us make decisions and we hope to continue gaining your confidence and trust.

Regards, Sergio"


dv said...

Thanks for listening, Sergio!

MG Brown said...

Thank you for spearheading this effort Dave.

Robert Livingston said...

What a good ending to a long story. Thank you to all involved, from the voters, to Dave, to GM Sergio.