Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Wheel DF wheels

The manufacturer of Super Tires ®, Yellow Dog Super Tires ® and Super Wheels SS is proud to announce our newest offering – the Super Wheels DF (Double Flange) System. Most 1/32 slot car wheels available today employ a center “rib” to help keep the tire centered on the wheel. While slot car manufacturers may use the same wheel and tire combination for a small number of cars, as the number of cars introduced increases, so too does the number of different wheel designs and associated tires. With so many different center rib wheels, manufacturers and after market tire vendors often limit the number of tires available for a given wheel. The Super Wheels DF System takes a different approach by eliminating the center wheel rib altogether. A thin flange on the outer edges of the wheel holds the specially designed tires securely in place. Tires which are available in a wide variety of sizes are also part of the Super Wheels DF System.

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